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Our Disturbing World...

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Assalamualaikum wbt.

While waiting to meet someone, I finally had the chance of flipping through yesterday's paper. Read: yesterday's paper. (Baca betul2 : surat khabar semalam) Yeah, I'm that bad (laughs). University students should take note of current issues also lah!

What I can summarize from my once-a-month-newspaper-reading, well..I am definitely living in a disturbing world.

1. Scary trend - suicide


Aii, of all the trends in the world, why do humans choose the scary ones?

Fashion trend - opening your aurah here, there, everywhere...ooh scary man! (aku sendiri takut nak tengok mereka2 yg disesatkan syaitan supaya mendedahkan aurat mereka) 

But on a more serious note; did you know that two suicides are being committed every day (in Malaysia)? Imagine in one day, two people in Malaysia chose to end his/her life? 

My friends, this is life we're talking about.

What makes us think that we have the right to take away our lives?

Are we the ones who created our souls, our bodies, and sustains our very existence on this earth?

Are we the creator, or are we the created? 

Astaghfirullah al-azim.. 

My dear sahabahs,
no matter how big your problem is, please, let us choose to keep up the fighting spirit. 

Talk to your friends about it. Don't suffer alone. We're all here for you.

Remember Allah Taala. Our life on this earth is a test, so that Allah can 'filter' who is qualified to live in Jannah and those who choose life in Naar (Hell fire). 

Did you know that those who chose to commit suicide will not enter Jannah?

Sedangkan barangsiapa yang mengucapkan syahadah saat kematiannya, dijamin masuk syurga (selepas dibersihkan drpd dosanya di dalam neraka)?

My beloved friends,

Look at our prophet

He has every reason to give up on life.



Well, wouldn't you, if the people with whom you have been living with all your lives (masyarakat sekeliling) called you a psycho?

"Hey, you orang gila! Pergi balik kampung lah!"

Prophet Muhammad saw (sollallahu alaihi wasallam)...his people. The Arabs. The Quraisy.

Didn't they know him very well? From when he was a little boy, until he matured into an adult, didn't they knew him well?

Of course they did.
 They knew his character.
They knew his honest heart. 
They knew him.

But when the revelation / wahyu came, when truth came through Allah's messenger, the very same Muhammad saw who they watched grow, they denied him. 

They made fun of Muhammad.

They called Muhammad saw majnun (crazy).

How would any of us have felt? If your next door neighbour started calling you lunatic? Just because you preach the truth.

Would we have committed suicide?
Astaghfirullah al azim.

Let us follow our example of all times.

2. "Pretty different" ?

Oh yeah. You bet.

What do you think of the ladies in the picture? Are they pretty?

Well, you're in for a surprise.

They're GUYS. (Surprise!!!)

The caption isn't very clear (sorry). But the picture says about a new airline company in Bangkok which wanted to be different from its competitors, so they came up with a pretty different idea. Yes, they are employing transsexual flight attendants. 

Well, I'm not going to comment on transsexuals. But well, personally, I could not understand err.. the need to change sex? Allah... Allah has created us in the best of creations. Why not be thankful for it? Hmm..(shakes head)

3. Troubles regarding our religion

Here are 3 different news with connections with our beloved deen (way of life).

Firstly, the group SIS -Sisters in Islam. They seem to have an issue of Dewan Pemuda PAS's initiative of curbing maksiat during this coming Valentine's Day. Much like the one CAMPRO did last month - XPDC Dakwah. (CAMPRO is one month campaign promoting dakwah in many ways/activities in IIUM Kuantan).

According SIS, they say, which I interpret something like this, 

"Kenapa nak sibuk2 tegur orang yg berdating sana-sini..ianya menjatuhkan maruah / dignity seseorang. Ini dilarang dalam Al-Quran. Sedangkan ada lagi isu yg boleh mereka usahakan, seperti kes2 perceraian di mahkamah2 syariah, banyak yang tertangguh (dan bermasalah). (Wanita yg teraniaya dalam kes di mana suami tidak bayar tanggungan anak dsb.)"

Sorry if I misinterpret, you must click on the picture or get the original source from the Star dated February 10, 2011.


 I do not agree with what SIS says. And I really advise them to check back the Al-Quran in which ALL OF US READ AND PRACTISE in our lives. I am no syariah expert. (smiles) Hm, I'm not even learning syariah law or anything related to syariah. 

But what I do know is this - to preach amar makruf and nahi mungkar - is the responsibility of ALL MUSLIMS. Both MUSLIMIN (male muslims) and MUSLIMAT (female muslims). 


It is OUR responsibility. Read : O.U.R. responsibility.

Then how could you say this is forbidden in Al-Quran?
This is a contradictory statement.

The BIGGEST effect is not on muslims who already know about the responsibility of amar makruf nahi mungkar. It is those who do not know Islam and WISHES TO KNOW. If we issue statements like these, especially in the media, what kind of message are we sending to them? 

Please, please, please

This is not about who is wrong or who is right. 

Because if that is the case, then none of us are right. 

Because the truth (kebenaran) is Allah's right. It is Allah's right to give. Be thankful (bersyukurlah) that Allah gave us Al-Quran, as a guidance for all humanity. 

Al-Quran is our guide to unite, not to berbalah / argue with each other. 

Please, we are all brothers. We are all sisters. The real sisters in Islam, where we do not need to be in a society bearing the name "Sisters in Islam". Tak perlu badan persatuan pun, hati2 kita tetap bersatu kerana lafaz syahadah yang sama, kerana kita sama2 mengakui hanya satu Tuhan yang berhak di sembah di alam ini!

Think about it. (Fikirkanlah).

 Secondly, extreme religious unrest in Jakarta.

First of all, if there are any Indonesians reading my writing this very moment, I apologize if my further words hurt your hearts. I am not talking to you as a Malaysian to an Indonesian. I am expressing my views as muslim to you, my brother and sister in Islam.

I do not live in Jakarta. Therefore I do not really know the real situation there. What I know is what the media wishes me to know.

What I am hearing is some muslims there are angry towards Christians there, though I am clueless as to the true reason. Churches were burnt...perhaps Christians there live in the extent that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono places policemen to guard certain churches there.

We have a very serious situation here, for the Christians as well as muslims.

Do you now feel I am being too sympathetic towards Christians, when their religious beliefs are not the same as us muslims?

(smiles again)

My dear friends,
I say the situation is serious for Christians there. But I also mentioned the situation is also serious for us muslims.

Because though our lives may not be in jeopardy, our deen is. Islam...its message is in danger.

Because we as muslims are not portraying the true Islam. Through our actions, those who do not share the same faith as we do, can interpret many things.

I know, their faith is different from ours. But so did Prophet muhammad saw. Of course he was aware of the different beliefs of his society. But showing hate...that makes them farther and farther away from the truth. That is why prophet Muhammad saw always chose to do dakwah based on kindness, because he knew very well, humans will be more intrigued (ingin tahu) towards a deen that teaches kindness, than a deen which shows no mercy to those of different faith.

If we continue like this, how can we claim to be his ummah during Hari Akhirah?
When we do not follow in his example, can we still claim to be his followers?
How then, can we ask...dare we ask for his syafaat at that time.....?

demos in Egypt.

Oh dear, sadly I am running late for an appointment.

Perhaps I will discuss more on this issue on a later post, if no other commitment arises. Insya-Allah.

Till then, take care my friends. Take good care of your health, but most importantly, your heart. Assalamualaikum wbt.

Source: The Star Newspaper, Thursday, 10th February 2011

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