Friday, November 26, 2010

`Abdullah ibnu Huzafah as-Sahmiy - Bahagian 2

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Masih ingatkah anda tentang sahabat Nabi Muhammad saw yg agung ini?

Sudah hampir 2 minggu kita tidak 'bertemu' dengan `Abdullah...
adakah anda rindu untuk bertemu dengannya?

ikuti sambungan petikan kisah sahabat yang agung ini; `Abdullah ibnu Huzafah as-Sahmiy...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Benin - A Story of Magic and Murder


Is a place.

In West Africa.

It is a republic, a type of ruling system. In Malaysia, the government practices the democratic system.

of all the information we should know about you know what is the most important information of all?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bosan? Klik di Sini untuk Ubatnya...

Bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

Alhamdulillahi rabbil `alamin, was solatu wassalamu `ala ashrafil anbiyai wal mursalin, wa `ala alihi wasohbihi ajma`in.


Rasa tidak tahu apa yang hendak dilakukan kah?


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Dedication for Hassan Min`am :)

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Today, I would like to dedicate this post to a little friend of mine..
who does not know me, has never met me and therefore have no idea who I am.

But I know him.
I have met him, and I know who he is.

Why don't you meet him too? Here...follow this link, and tell me what you think of him.

* * * * * * * *

So, what do you think of my friend in the video?

To me; he is AMAZING.

What an amazing boy.
Only two years old, and he knows things I know not.
I felt so ashamed from the day I knew Hassan in that video...

I mean...he knows the capitals of most Muslim countries! And he's barely two years old.
Me? I am ten times his age, but I don't even know the capital of Libya..or Comoros..and I even made a mistake of thinking Cairo as the capital of Saudi! (Cairo is the capital of Egypt).

I have no problem of admitting my mistakes, my foolishness, or my weaknesses. because that is how we move forward. You have to remove that block first, remove that ego or arrogance of not admitting your weaknesses or mistakes...that is the BIG WALL you have to break down, in order to continue your journey.

My dear sahabahs,
admitting your weaknesses, does not mean you are weak. In fact, it takes a lot of courage, to own up to your mistakes. To be able to sum that courage inside you, isn't that STRENGTH?

Even if it means admitting that your knowledge is lower or beneath than that of a two-year old, it does not make you weaker than him. On the contrary, this is like challenging yourself.

Wake up!
Beat Hassan Min'am if you think you can be better than him!

And so, today, I would like to dedicate this post to Hassan Min'am, whom I consider as my friend, and above all, my teacher. For he has taught me, that age, is no barrier, in seeking knowledge.

Hassan, you have showed me what I must do from now on.

And that is; to move forward, move faster, with the love of Islam at my heart's core.

Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar wa lillahil hamd.

To my dear friend and teacher in Lebanon, a million thanks, which is not enough I fear, for being my inspiration. You...really are amazing. May Allah Taala sends down His rahmah and barakah to you and your family. May you have an amazing journey...

From your inspiration, I have googled the capitals of all the OIC countries. Let's get to know our brothers and sisters' capitals, from wherever they may be...

Azerbaijan - Baku / Baki
Jordan - `Amman
Afghanistan - Kabul
Albania - Tirana
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
Indonesia - jakarta
Uzbekistan - Tashkent
Uganda - Kampala
Iran - Tehran
Pakistan - Islamabad
Bahrain - Manama / Al-Manamah
Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Bangladesh - Dhaka
Benin - Porto Novo
Burkina-Faso - Ouagadougou
Tajikistan - Dushanbe
Turkey - Ankara
Turkmenistan - Ashgabat / Ashkhabad
Chad - N'Djamena
Togo - Lome
Tunisia - Tunis
Algeria - Algiers
Djibouti - Djibouti
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
Senegal - Dakar
Sudan - Khartoum
Syria - Dimashq / Damascus
Suriname - Paramaribo
Sierra Leone - Freetown
Somalia - Mogadishu
Iraq - Baghdad
Oman - Muscat / Masqat (مسقط)
Gabon - Libreville
Gambia - Banjul
Guyana - Georgetown
Guinea - Conakry
Guinea-Bissau - Bissau
Palestine - Baitul Maqdis @ Jerusalem
Comoros - Moroni / Muruni (موروني)
Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek
Qatar - Doha
Kazakhstan - Astana
Cameroon - Yaounde
Cote D'Ivoire @ Ivory Coast - Yamoussoukro
Kuwait - Kuwait
Lebanon - Beirut
Libya - Tripoli / Tarablus (طرابلس)
Maldives - Male (pronounced "mali" i think)
Mali - Bamako
Malaysia -Kuala Lumpur
Egypt - Cairo / Kaherah
Morocco @ Maghribi - Rabat
Mauritania - Nouakchott / Nuakshatt (نواكشط)
Mozambique - Maputo
Niger - Niamey
Nigeria - Abuja
Yaman @ Yemen - San'a (صنعاء)

Oh, I almost forgot. Noticed what he said at the end of the video?

He answered his father, something that even his father was speechless for a moment.

When his father asked, "What is the capital of Israel?"

It only took a moment before he said,
(smiles) May Allah Taala bless you and your mother and father (Maryuma and `Ali)...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tadhiyah fi `Idul Adha

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر

الله اكبر ولله الحمد

(Allah the Al-Mighty. Allah the Al-Mighty. Allah the Al-Mighty. Allah the Al-Mighty, and all praises belong to Allah).

My dear sahabahs,
how are you today? On the second day of `Idul Adha (11 Zulhijjah), according to Malaysian time zone..

Have we said our thanks to Allah Taala today? In fact, the word "thanks" falls short of all the blessings, gifts or ni`mah (نعمة) that Ar-Razzaq (Maha pemberi Rezeki) gives us. The right way, or the appropriate way to thank Allah Taala, is by following the way prophet Muhammad saw thanks Him, which is; by saying "Alhamdulillah". That phrase, "alhamdulillah" or the hamdalah phrase, is the best and most appropriate way of expressing our thanks, as his creations, towards Allah Taala.

During hari raya or `Id/`Aid (عيد), muslims have an even more specific phrase to thank Allah and to celebrate the presence of `Id. And that is by saying "takbir" or "Allahu Akbar".

In Islam, there are two `Id, which is `Idul Fitri, starting from 1st Syawal, and `Idul Adha, on the 10th of Zulhijjah every year. During both `Id, muslims say takbir as a way of welcoming the two joyous occasions.

While `Idul Fitri is about celebrating muslims' victory of holding their nafs/ fasting during the month of Ramadhan, `Idul Adha is about a different story. It is a story..of tadhiyah.


Ma makna tadhiyah (what is the meaning of tadhiyah)?

It means sacrifice.

(Thank you to a friend of mine who gave me this new vocabulary. I will remember it, and will cherish it. :) )

From what little knowledge that I have about the history of `Idul Adha, I will try to share with you today. And perhaps you, my friend, will fill my holes with some knowledge of your own. (Let's fill each other's holes, shall we? -smiles-)

`Idul Adha is about tadhiyah.
It is about sacrifice.

Where did it all began?

The story of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail's tadhiyah

What really happened during their time, that caused their story to be remembered for generations of muslims to come, which is now known as "`Idul Adha"?

Relationship between God and His `Abd

Nabi Ibrahim a.s, if we read about him, we will find that this man, is really extraordinary. At least, I find him, amazing.

Not because he is a Nabi. Well, that is one thing. But as a human being...subhanallah. He is really an inspiration, for a human to find his creator.

I am not sure from which surah in Al-Quran which tells the story of Nabi Ibrahim a.s, in the quest of finding the true purpose and meaning of life. (I'm deeply sorry)

His father, Azar makes idols, carved from wood, stone or made out of earth. His community worships these lifeless idols. Nabi Ibrahim on the other hand, being a smart kid, cannot see the purpose of worshiping dolls or idols which cannot benefit you, or even harm you.

And so he starts to think, of a real supreme power. For this world is created in such a way that there was balance and harmony. Thus, there must be a supreme power maintaining this delicate balance.

He looked up in the sky and saw the sun.
Oh, such a bright and big thing in the sky. Full of heat and power, and he thought, "This powerful thing must be my Lord, my creator." And so he started worshipping the sun.

But when night came, the sun went down and was gone. Nabi Ibrahim a.s thought, "If the sun was my creator, he would not leave me like that." and then he caught sight of the moon, reigning supreme in the night sky. "Ah, this must be my creator," thought Nabi Ibrahim a.s and started worshipping it.

What do you think happened? (smiles)

The moon and the sun - both are creations

Yes, when daylight came again, it was the moon's turn to disappear. Nabi Ibrahim a.s was frustrated as he thought, "If the moon was my creator, it would not have disappeared. If the sun was my creator, it too would not have disappeared. A supreme creator is powerful and is forever existing. My creator would not leave me like that".

(Ok. Again all this writing is based solely of whatever small knowledge I have gathered while growing up. It is small and is not enough. I'm terribly sorry if I have misled anyone here. Please, DO CORRECT me. And please, let us read more on the history of our Anbiya'.)

...To me, this is "wow". Because Nabi Ibrahim a.s figured that all on his own. I mean, I believe Allah Taala guided him with His hidayah, but for Nabi Ibrahim's part as a human, to persist in finding the true answer, in finding who created him and this entire world, his journey, is amazing. And take note of his observation: The supreme creator is one who is Forever Lasting, The First and the Last (al-Awwal wa al Akhir).

And there are many other amazing stories about Nabi Ibrahim a.s, in al-Quran and sirah books, which I believed is based on Nabi Muhammad's saw hadith. Stories that showes the close relationship between him (Ibrahim) and Allah Taala. So close that Allah Taala places him in the seventh sky (petala langit ke-7), which is the closest place a human can be to Allah. Because during Mikraj, it is told that Nabi Muhammad saw journeyed from earth to Sidratul muntaha while passing through the seven skies. On each sky Nabi Muhammad saw met with different Nabi, and the last sky, the seventh, was where he met Nabi Ibrahim a.s. Then Nabi Muhammad saw continued to Sidratul muntaha, where he met Allah Taala. So, that is why I said Nabi Ibrahim a.s is very close to Allah..because right after the seventh sky is Sidratul Muntaha. (Purely from my understanding)

Don't get me wrong. Allah Taala is not in a specific place. NO. For He is the Creator of places, and he does not need to be in any specific place. Even when this universe is destroyed, Allah Taala will still exist, for He is al-Awwal wa al-Akhir, while we would all have perished.

Coot coot!! (sound of train's whistle)

And ummu hurairah manages to stray of the tracks again...(terkeluar landasan tajuk lagi..)

Anyway, I just want to emphasize the strong spiritual bond Nabi Ibrahim a.s has with Allah Taala.

Because that will be crucial in understanding, the decision Nabi Ibrahim a.s made, that resulted in the celebration we now know as `Idul Adha.

The test

When Nabi Ismail a.s, Nabi ibrahim's son had grown up, Allah Taala sent a test...for both of them.

Jibril a.s, the angel of wahyu, sent dreams to Nabi Ibrahim. In those dreams, Nabi Ibrahim dreamt, that he was slaughtering his own son, Nabi Ismail a.s.
Slaughtering, as in laying his son down on the ground and putting a chopper to his son's neck, ready for the KILL.

Three times he dreamt the same dream (or was it more than 3). At first he could not believe it, but then when the dream continued many times, nabi Ibrahim knew it is Allah's command to him. And he must do it.

This is the sacrifice or tadhiyah, that he must do.

Allright, let's take a break for one moment.

Let us just...just think for one second.

Father and son...

If any of us, where in Nabi Ibrahim's place...would we have done it?
Would we have...slaughtered our own son..with our own hands?
And why should we??

This is ridiculous! My beloved son! From my own flesh and blood! To sacrifice my own son, and FOR WHAT?

Lillahi Taala (For the sake of Allah Taala).

That was exactly what Nabi Ibrahim a.s, and Nabi Ismail a.s did. BOTH of them, they did it. Lillahi Taala.

When we would have thought it ridiculous, that thought never even crossed their minds (Nabi Ibrahim and Ismail).

They both made tadhiyah, simply because, Allah had commanded them to do so.

Had it not been for their strong faith in Allah, they would never have managed to do it.

And for that huge sacrifice, which is to sacrifice their own wants and replace it with Allah's command, Allah Taala spared Nabi Ismail, and replaced it with a kibasy (some kind of goat) as told in al-Quran.

And that is the reason behind the slaughtering of animals (usually cows, goats, camels) during the 3 days after 10 Zulhijjah (11,12 and 13), which begins after khutbah of Solat sunat `Idul Adha on 10 Zulhijjah until before sunset on 13 Zulhijjah. The meat from the slaughtered animals (korban) is given to the one who bought the animal and also the poor.

Tadhiyah/sacrifice/korban of animals during `Idul Adha

Our tadhiyah?

The spirit of sacrifice is what `Idul Adha is all about. Nabi Ibrahim a.s was prepared to sacrifice his son's life, for the sake of Allah. Nabi Ismail a.s was prepared to give his life, to fullfill Allah's command to his father.

What about us today? Where is our tadhiyah?

When our homes are stocked with food, while there are many houses out there who have nothing in their fridges. (oh wait, they don't even have a fridge)

We can feed our children with 3 full meals a day, but our brothers are struggling to feed their families for even just one meal.

Our bellies are warm and fat, while their body is thin and almost lifeless.

Where are we when they need us?

Why can't we spare a little portion of the rizk (رزق) that Allah has given us?
Why can't we do tadhiyah to our brothers and sisters of the same akidah, when it is not even we who holds the key to all the rizk on this earth?
Why can't we sacrifice even a little of our wealth to our brothers?

Is it as hard as the sacrifice done by Nabi Ibrahim and Nabi Ismail?
Is it?
Is it really?

Nobody can answer that, but ourselves. Each answer is also different. Some may choose not to answer at all, if you get my meaning. But for those that do, know that Allah will multiply your wealth even more, with one condition; that your heart is sincere in doing tadhiyah.

Tadhiyah outside Idul Adha

What kind of tadhiyah can you think of, besides from `Idul Adha?

That's right. Sodaqoh (صدقة).

Sodaqoh means freely giving your possessions to someone who needs them. Like money, clothes, food. In other words, it is donation or charity.

Sometimes you may not feel like giving away your possessions. But that is why I'm calling with the spirit of tadhiyah. It's about sacrifice.

Yes, you love your possessions, but there are some people out there who need them more than you do. Yes, it is hard to let go, but that is why it's called a sacrifice.

And another thing, about paying alms or zakat. Sometimes, it may feel hard, or you are reluctant to pay zakat. But why not think it as a form of tadhiyah? As a sacrifice, although in Islam, it is an obligation for those who have substantial wealth.

Tadhiyah. Tadhiyah. Tadhiyah.

Let's carry tadhiyah with us, throughout the year, not just leaving it during 10-13 Zulhijjah only.

Carry the spirit of tadhiyah all year round, so that when the next time Zulhijjah meets us again, we will be more ready and eager to do the special tadhiyah, in remembrance of Nabi Ibrahim and Nabi Ismail's sacrifice, lillahi Taala.

Don't forget, lillahi Taala. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wukuf di `Arafah

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Telah tiba.

Tarikh 9 Zulhijjah.

Tanggal yang penuh bermakna buat umat Islam di seluruh dunia. Terutamanya yang sedang wukuf di suatu tempat bernama `Arafah.

Apa itu wukuf?

Terlebih dahulu, maafkan diri ini.
Kerana ilmu di dada tidaklah sebanyak mana. Akan kucuba kongsikan apa yang kutahu, semoga bermanfaat...

Pertama sekali; suatu persoalan - Apa yang terlintas di fikiran tatkala mendengar perkataan "wukuf"?

Jawapan sendiri - Haji.

Salah satu rukun haji

Ah, lemah sungguh diri ini. Baru kutahu/diingatkan semula, bahawa rukun Haji dan wajib haji ialah dua perkara yang berlainan. Itupun setelah melayari internet dengan kata kunci "Rukun Haji."

Ya, wukuf di `Arafah ialah salah satu daripada rukun Haji.

Dan saya juga ingin berkongsi satu perkara yang dirasakan menarik yang didapati daripada sumber yang sama iaitu

Rukun Haji (6 perkara)
1. Niat ihram mengerjakan haji
2. Wukuf di Arafah
3. Tawaf di Kaabah
4. Sa'ie di antara Bukit Safa dan Marwah
5. Bergunting atau bercukur rambut
6. Tertib pada kebanyakan rukunnya

Rukun Umrah (5 perkara)
1. Niat ihram mengerjakan umrah
2. Tawaf
3. Sai'e
4. Bergunting atau bercukur
5. Tertib

Cuba teliti perbezaan di antara rukun haji dan rukun umrah...

Dan kita akan mendapati keistimewaan wukuf di `Arafah.

Ya, wahai sahabat2ku!

Aku juga baru perasan, bahawa wukuf di `Arafah disyariatkan sebagai rukun haji, tetapi bukan pula rukun umrah. Tidakkah ini menggambarkan keistimewaan wukuf? Subhanallah...mari kita sama2 menyelidiki..."Ada apa dengan wukuf"!

Semalam sempat kutonton rancangan "Salam Baitullah" di tv1. Kebetulan pula ketika itu Ustaz Farid Ravi Abdullah bersama Ustaz Daud Lim sedang membincangkan tajuk wukuf bersama lintas langsung daripada `Arafah sendiri.

Maka sempatlah kukutip beberapa mutiara ilmu drpd mereka yang alim lagi `arif tentang wukuf.

Kata Ustaz Daud Lim, dari Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor (KUIS), `Arafah ialah sebuah tempat di luar Mekah. terletak kira2 22 kilometer daripada Mekah dan mempunyai keluasan 10 ribu km persegi. (jika tak salah ingatanku).

Katanya lagi, `arafah bermaksud mengenal (perhatikan perkataan عرف). Terdapat beberapa pendapat para ulama tentang kenapa tempat itu dinamakan "`Arafah" yang bermaksud mengenal.

(Sedang cuba me-recall kembali.....)

Pertama, dikatakan di situlah tempat Nabi Ibrahim a.s bertemu kembali dengan isteri tercinta Siti Hajar setelah lama berpisah (sewaktu Allah Taala memrintahkan Nabi Ibrahim a.s meninggalkan Siti Hajar dan Nabi Ismail yang ketika itu masih bayi di tengah2 padang pasir).

Kedua, dikatakan padang `Arafah ialah tempat bertemunya kembali Nabi Adam a.s dan Hawa a.s setelah mereka terpisah ketika dikeluarkan/diturunkan drpd syurga.

Dan ketiga...Allahu akbar. Minta maaf, saya sudah terlupa. Maafkan saya sahabat2. Jika ada sesiapa yang tahu, silakan untuk mengisi kekosongan ini.

Kalau diteliti di dalam Al-Quran, perkataan "أعرف" (`araf) bermaksud "tahu". Pada pendapatku, `Arafah mendapat namanya kerana setelah pertemuan mereka (Nabi Ibrahim a.s dgn Siti Hajar a.s serta Nabi Adam a.s dgn Hawa a.s), maka dapatlah mereka mengenal/mengetahui kembali tentang keadaan masing2. Sekadar pandangan sendiri, tentang kaitan "pertemuan" dengan "mengenal"...

Kesimpulannya (sendiri), wukuf di padang `Arafah ialah rukun haji yang kedua selepas niat ihram (hendak mengerjakan haji) di mana semua umat Islam yang berniat mengerjakan haji pada tahun itu, berkumpul di `Arafah dalam pakaian ihram, pada tanggal 9 Zulhijjah. Mungkin sebagai mengingati peristiwa pertemuan (seperti yang telah disebutkan), maka umat Islam beramai-ramai bertemu/berkumpul di situ, sambil berzikir mengingati Allah serta memohon doa kepadanya.

Apabila disebut "rukun", ertinya perkara itu harus mengikut tertib. Maksudnya, lepas satu, buat perkara kedua, kemudian diikuti perkara ketiga dan seterusnya. Tidak boleh meninggalkan rukun atau tidak boleh melanggar urutannya, misalnya tidak wukuf tapi terus bertawaf atau tawaf dahulu kemudian baru wukuf, maka (kalau tak salah saya) hajinya tidak sah. Saya qiyaskan kepada terbatalnya solat iaitu apabila orang yang sedang bersolat tidak menjaga tertib solat, maka solatnya batal.

Pada saya, mesti ada hikmah kenapa wukuf dahulu, kemudian barulah tawaf, dan seterusnya. Pasti ada hikmah di sebalik urutan ibadah itu, dalam "set" ibadah haji yang disyariatkan Allah Taala. Maka hendaklah kita menjaga tertib urutan/rukun itu. Kerana Islam, yang bersumberkan wahyu Allah al-Quran dan sunnah iaitu perilaku Rasulullah SAW, telah memberi panduan yang jelas tentang perlaksanaan ibadah2.

Sedikit perbezaan masa

Sebenarnya hari ini di Tanah Arab telah masuk 10 Zulhijjah. Bermakna semalamlah 9 Zulhijjah, iaitu berlakunya wukuf di `Arafah.

Tapi, bagi mereka yang hendak berpuasa sunat hari `Arafah, maka ikutlah waktu seperti yang ada di tempat/negara masing2. Hal ini telah dijelaskan oleh Ustaz Daud Lim bagi menjawab soalan penonton di rumah. Jelasnya lagi, pandangan ini berdasarkan waktu terbit dan tenggelam matahari disepakati ialah mengikut tempat/daerah masing2. Jadi, jika mengikut kalendar hijriah di Malaysia, hari ini, baru 9 Zulhijjah, maka berpuasalah hari ini dengan niat puasa sunat Hari `Arafah. Mereka yang berada di Tanah Arab pula, boleh berpuasa sunat semalam. Semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan dan pahala puasa sunat `Arafah. Jangan bimbang, Allah Taala kan ar-Rahman dan ar-Rahim, Maha Pemurah dan maha Penyayang.

Saya kongsikan mesej yang dihantar seorang kakak setempat pengajian;
"Puasa `Arafah menghapus dosa setahun lalu dan setahun akan datang." (Hadis riwayat imam Muslim).

Dan lagi;
"Tiada satu amal soleh yang lebih Allah cintai melebihi amal soleh pada 10 hari pertama Zulhijjah." (Hadis riwayat imam Abu Daud)

Tiba-tiba...Allah mengingatkanku akan kelemahanku

Alamak! Tiba2 teringat pasal rukun Islam dan rukun Iman! Hmm...adakah pandanganku tentang kepentingan urutan ini termasuk dalam rukun Islam dan Iman juga?

Ya Allah...inilah jadinya bila ilmu sikit tapi berlagak nak bagi banyak...

Wahai sahabat2ku,
Mungkin antum semua sudah bosan. Dan penat. Lagi-lagi dia ni nak minta maaf.

Tapi, begitulah halnya manusia. Dia sentiasa dalam keadaan kekurangan, kelemahan. Kadangkala lemah dalam menjaga batas pergaulan. Kadang kala lemah dalam perkongsian ilmunya. Yang kononnya banyak, tapi sebenarnya tidak melebihi ilmu antum semua pun.

Wahai sahaba2tku,
meskipun kamu bosan, meluat dsb. Saya tak kisah, kerana saya lebih kisahkan Pencipta yang saya akan berhadapan suatu hari nanti. Memang saya tak tahu bila, memang saya tak tahu di mana, tetapi satu saja yang saya harapkan;

Dalam keadaan bersih dan diampuni dosa2.

Memang, tiada siapa dapat menjamin dosanya diampunkan atau tidak. sebab, tiada siapa yang tahu, sama ada taubatnya diterima atau tidak.

Apa yang kita miliki ialah...ya, anda bijak.

Seketul daging bernama hati, bak kata/sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Hati ini ialah rumah kepada iman, bg sesiapa yang meminta iman untuk tinggal di dalamnya. Ya - minta. Kerana iman itu bukan milik kita. Ia bukan datang dan pergi dengan kehendak kita. Tapi dengan kehendak Allah Taala. Oleh itu, pujuklah iman, mintalah kepada Tuhan, supaya iman selesa hendak mendiami hati2 kita.

Bila iman mendiami hati, maka datanglah keyakinan yang tidak berbelah bahagi. Maka inilah yang kita perlukan, wahai teman2ku sekalian.

Yaqin. Yaqin. Yaqin.

Memang. Tiada dalam pengetahuan kita sama sekali, adakah taubat kita diterima atau tidak. Namun tugas kita sebagai hambaNya, ialah jangan berputus harap padaNya! Terus yaqin padaNya! Teruskan merintih, menangisi dosa2 kita yang lalu, dan yang akan datang...terus berharap padaNya, terus yakin...bahawasanya Allah itu al-Ghofur war Rahim. Teruskan meyakini, bahawa Allah Taala Maha Pengampun dan sangat Mengasihi hamba2Nya.

Sesungguhnya Allah Taala ialah apa yang kita sangkakan.
Jika kita menyangka, malah meyakini, dengan keteguhan sebuah gunung, bahawa Allah itu, lebih luas rahmatNya drpd kemurkaanNya, bahawa kasih sayangNya kpd hamba2Nya melebihi kasih ibu kepada anaknya, maka seperti itulah Allah Taala, benar2 akan mengampuni kita dan menyayangi kita.

Kekuatan orang2 mukmin ialah ini. Iman. Yaqin. Teguh dengan pegangan ini. Inilah kunci...kunci...kunci kita ke syurga...

Maka dengan itu, "Maafkan saya wahai sahabat2. Jika perkongsian ini telah lagi mencelarukan fikiran anda semua. Tiada niat sebegitu di hatiku. Tapi kerana fitrahku lemah, asyik terlupa, asyik berlagak pandai...akhirnya Allah mengingatkan juga kelemahanku. Maafkanku jika tidak cukup ilmuku tentang salah satu rukun Islam ini. Iaitu haji. Tolonglah maafkan kelemahanku ini, wahai sahabat2ku sekalian, dan anda telah melepaskanku drpd kemurkaan Allah Taala pada hari Hisab, kerana dosa antara manusia tidak akan terampun selagi mana manusia itu tidak mengampunkan kita."

Hala tuju selepas ini

Bagaimanakah hala tuju kita selepas ini? (Sebenarnya lebih kepada pertanyaan kpd diri sendiri)

Adakah masih hendak melepaskan peluang mencari ilmu, dan memantapkannya lagi? Tambahan lagi, dalam usia yang muda, apakah alasan yang ingin dicipta?

Ya, alasan itu dicipta.

Asyik-asyik belajar.
Lagi-lagi study.
Rileksla bro! Exam baru habis ni! Gua nak rileks2 dulu...ape daa tak sporting langsung.

Oh, alasan. Dan alasan. Dan alasan.

Bukankah mitochondria kita masih kuat menjana ATP?
Bukankah kadar penyembuhan penyakit kita lebih pantas drpd ibu bapa kita? (Cuba tanya pengalaman mak dan ayah sendiri, mereka akan kata beza sungguh waktu muda dan waktu tua2 ni)
Bukankah tulang2 kita masih kukuh isipadu kalsiumnya?

Sains telah membuktikan fakta2 ini. Namun sayang, kita pula asyik nak 'membuktikan fakta2' kita.

Aduhai cik abang, cik kak oi, nak lawan dengan peralatan sains? Kita ada peralatan apa? Lidah yang asyik berputar, akhir sekali ia juga yang terbelit.

Wahai para sahabatku yang kukasihi,

Sekurang-kurangnya, jangan jadi macam saya. Maksud saya, jangan ikut bahagian diri saya yang kurang ini (don't follow this part of myself).

Kalau saya berjalan, anda berlarilah.
Kalau saya berlari, anda pecutlah.
Kalau saya pecut, anda tungganglah kuda!

Jadilah lebih baik setiap hari. Marilah kita sama2 bersegera kepada kebaikan. Berlumba-lumba, siapa dahulu akan sampai ke syurga.

Kata-kata saya melampaukah? Macam berangan-angan terlebih tinggi pulakah?

Habis, ke mana lagi hendak saya tujukan harapan diri?

Saya manusia. Manusia harus mempunyai tujuan. Tujuan saya ialah Allah dan RasulNya. RasulNya dan para manusia yang dicintainya telah dijanjikan syurga dan pelbagai lagi nikmat yang tidak terlintas di hati.

Habis, kalau saya tidak menyasarkan syurga, ke mana saya hendak menyasarkan target saya?

Saya...tidak boleh tidak menyasarkan syurga. Saya tidak katakan saya pasti akan masuk syurga, walaupun saya begitu menginginkannya. Namun, sekali lagi, saya hanya yaqin kepadaNya.

Yaqin yang harus disertai usaha. Usaha, dan terus berusaha.

Berusaha melakukan apa yang terbaik yang diri ini boleh lakukan. Jika saya ditakdirkan sebagai pelajar, maka usaha terkuat saya di bidang itu. Bidang mencari ilmu. Kerana Allah Taala telah meletakkan saya, dan anda di bidang ini, sesuai dengan kemampuan masing2.

Segala pujian bagi Allah Taala, yang selalu 'mengetuk' hati yang pelupa ini, mengingatkan bahawa ilmuku masih sangat. sangat. dan sangat cetek.
Bagaimanakah hendak mempertahankan akidah dan agama sedangkan ilmu hanya berupa titisan?
Sedangkan ilmu para ulama dahulu bagaikan kolam-kolam yang sentiasa bertambah dari hari ke hari. Dan sedangkan ilmu Allah Taala bagaikan lautan...

Wahai Zulhijjah, kedatanganmu sangat kuhargai. Kerana kedatanganmu mengingatkanku, bahawa ilmu tentang haji pun macam apa lagi. Datanglah lagi! Semoga engkau menjadi penolakku untuk sentiasa mengulangkaji ilmu tentang haji, cara perlaksanaannya, hikmahnya, serta mendorongku untuk memantapkan ilmu fardhu ainku, yang sememangnya fardhu / wajib ke atas setiap muslim.

Buah tangan

Akhir kata, saya ingin meninggalkan tiga foto berharga yang diambil drpd dinding informasi perpustakaan IMC, UIAM kuantan, tentang kelebihan ibadah haji dari persperktif sains. Semoga bermanfaat. (senyum)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pulangan dari Rumah Ehsan

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Pulang saja daripada lawatan ke Rumah Ehsan semalam, terus 'pengsan'.

Pengsan a.k.a penat daa..

Bukan penat sebab melayan mak cik-mak cik di Ruamh Ehsan, tentulah tidak (alhamdulillah hatiku tak merungut).

Sebabnya...letih 'berpaddle boating' dengan Wawa (najwa)...(haha, kalau Najwa dengar ni mesti dia marah)

Lawatan ke Rumah Ehsan semalam (semalam ke..?) disusuli dengan sedikit games specially prepared for Rx8...jadi sebab tulah penat.

Tambah-tambah, memang satu semester ni, aku joging lebih kurang drpd bilangan jari sebelah tangan. (Faham? huhu)

Jadi, zero stamina!

Tak sempat nak mencoret pulangan yang berharga

Ingatkan nak coret2 pulangan berharga semalam, tapi disebabkan penat, terpaksa ditangguhkan. Ni pun penat tak habis lagi...

Sebab mabuk bas tadi (uwekk..)

Orang mabuk bot, mabuk laut, mabuk paddle boat, aku mabuk bas...tak tahulah kenapa kali ni memang rasa terhuyung-hayang. Sampai sekarang pun rasa macam berombak-ombak lagi..

Lepas pulang daripada Rumah Ehsan di mukim (?) Muktafi Billah Syah, Dungun, Terengganu semalam, sebenarnya banyak pulangan berharga yang aku dapat...

Ni aku nak cerita, korang kene bersedia ya...tadah telinga cepat haha

Pulangan berharga yang dimaksudkan ialah pengajaran.

Pergi lawatan dengan hati yang kosong. Balik janganlah tetap kosong. Bawalah 'pulangan' yang berharga, drpd kaca mata masing2.

Pulangan drpd kaca mataku

(Dah lama tak guna "Dari kaca mataku" - tersenyum)

Lain orang lain mata. (memang pun, tak kan nak share pulak. nanti mcm alien je..)

Lain mata lain sudut pandangannya.

Tak tahulah sahabat2ku yang lain macam mana, bagi diri sendiri begini yang disingkapnya...

1. Seperti melihat cermin

Tahu tak? (tak....)

Sabaq la, ni yang nak habaq mai ni..

Bila berbual, meluangkan masa dengan mereka..macam tengok cermin pulak.

Pasai pa? (kenapa?)

Yelah, Cermin. Sifatnya memantulkan.

Seperti memantulkan imej wajah sendiri. Seolah-olah, melihat diri sendiri di penghujung usia.

Terfikir...bila aku tua nanti, beginikah keadaannya?
Terlantar, sakit2 badan...tak ada tenaga. Tak mampun nak berdikari, tak mampu uruskan diri sendiri. Hanya mengharapkan belas ihsan orang2 yang ihsan. Ataupun orang2 yang bekerja di rumah2 ihsan.

Masa tu, ingat lagikah aku pada Allah? Adakah aku akan beralasan "Ya Allah, kakiku dah tak larat. Susah nak pergi bilik air..kalau nak berwuduk dan solat kene harapkan bantuan orang. Susahnya.." Adakah aku akan menderita keseorangan?

Astaghfirullah al-`azim. Na`uzubillahi min zalik (kami mohon perlindungan Allah drpd itu).

Walaupun mataku memerhatikan mata makcik Mariam, tapi dalam hatiku bermonolog sendiri.

Sesungguhnya usia muda ialah antara nikmat yang besar. Manusia selalu macam tu kan? Dia lambat menyedari sesuatu yang sangat berharga, sehinggalah nikmat itu ditarik drpdnya. Kemudian mengeluhlah dia...merintihlah dia. Astaghfirullah3x.

Wahai sahabat2ku,
jomlah, kita manfaatkan masa muda kita. Bila tu? Sekarang la! Masa untuk setiap anak Adam cuma satu - iaitu satu hayat saja di dunia ni.

Direct saja - jomlah kita manfaatkan masa muda. MANFAATKAN ye. Bukan buang dan sepah-sepahkan macam ianya sampah.

Nenek moyang Melayu kita cakap apa? "Masa itu emas." Kita pulak, "Emas itu harta." Nah! Dah mengaku emas itu harta, kenapa nak sepah-sepahkan? Kenapa nak buang masa begitu saja?

Wahai sahabat2ku,
Nabi Muhammad SAW juga berpesan, rebutlah 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara. Salah satunya ialah "muda sebelum tua". Rebut tu. Macam...main ragbi gitu! Tapi tak perlulah gunakan keganasan, cuma gunakan tekad macam pemain ragbi...

Masa berjalan. Walaupun ia tiada kaki.

Kita yang ada kaki ni, tak nak berjalan ke? Tak nak mengembara cari ilmu ke? Atau kalau dirasakan sarat ilmu di dada, tidak mahukah mengembara menyebarkan khazanah berharga itu?

Jomlah, kita manfaatkan usia muda, selagi masih ada.

2. Mak ayah sendiri

Dalam banyak2 ekspresi, bagiku yang paling hebat berekspresi ialah...mata.

Sebab itu, semasa berbual dengan makcik Mariam aku lihat dalam2 matanya.

Haish, mata sendiri tiba2 kabur pulak. memangla aku rabun, tapi kan dah pakai spek mata (cermin mata), tak kan kabur lagi.

Sebak sebenarnya. Dengar je apa makcik Mariam cerita. Aku tak ingat sangat, sebab aku sibuk tengok mata dia! (hampeh betul!!!)

Haha, teruk betul aku ni kan? Nasib baiklah Adani ada sekali, so, dialah yang pay attention sikit.

Aku tertarik dengan mata makcik Mariam. Cantik. Bagiku mata ialah organ yang paling cantik di wajah manusia. Sebenarnya aku cuba membaca perasaan tersiratnya drpd bening matanya. Aku cuba je, macam terer (pandai) pulak. Bukanla pro (pakar), tapi sekurang-kurangnya amatur macam aku dapat membaca satu benda...


Sebab jauh dalam matanya, dia menahan tangisnya. Sepanjang kami berbual, aku perhatikan, matanya sentiasa menanti saat pecah.

Kata pengetua Rumah Ehsan, kebanyakan penghuni di sini dihantar, dan bukan atas kerelaan mereka. Logiklah, kalau ada keluarga, buat apa nak datang hidup sorang2 di tengah2 orang2 yg tak dikenali? Ada yang dihantar ketua kampung, ada yang keluarga hantar.

Sister Hazizah (nurse) menambah, "Kadang2, kami pergi juga melawat keluarga/waris terdekat pesakit. Keluarga dia ramai, tapi itulah, tiada siapa pun yang nak kata, 'Kami nak ambil balik pesakit' ataupun 'Nanti Hari Raya kami nak datang ambil pesakit'. Ada juga yang kadang2 ambil untuk dibawa pulang berhari raya. Tapi tak ramai. Yang tinggal kat sini, beraya kat sini jelah."

Allah, janganlah tergamak aku buat begitu kepada mak ayahku pula.

Betul cakap salah seorang sahabatku sewaktu sesi penutup/perkongsian.

"Kita cakap je skrg, kita TAKKAN Buat macam tu kat mak ayah kita. Tapi siapa yang tahu masa depan? Siapa tahu, nanti bila dah kerja, kerja farmasi kan gaji besar, nanti dah dapat duit banyak, lupa kat janji2 kita dulu..."

Allah, lindungi kami drpd menjadi anak yang seperti itu...

3. Umat Islam di mana?

Ok. Isu ni agak menarik utk dikupas.

Masa mula2 datang, kami diberi taklimat ringkas oleh Pengetua (aku rasala...). Dia kata yang banyak melawat penghuni di sini dan melakukan kerja2 sukarela, ialah persatuan2 BUKAN ISLAM.

Masa slide presentation pun, aku perhati gambar2 pelawat:

-Lions Club (macam St Johns kot)

-Persatuan Agama Buddha


Tak dinafikan, ada juga lawatan drpd pelajar2 IPT yang beragama Islam, tapi lawatan persatuan atau badan2 Islam...tak muncul2 juga dalam presentation Pengetua.

Kerja2 sukarelawan yang mereka buat macam2, bergantung kpd projek masing. Tolong buat taman ke, atau sekadar bermalam di situ, berbual-bual, meluangkan masa dengan warga tua yang melarat di situ.

Itu yang membuatkan aku terfikir, "Umat Islam di mana?"

Pengetua macam bagi hint dalam ucapan dia, seolah-olah dia juga merasakn sebagaimana sbhgn besar kami rasakan, apabila persatuan2 agama lain datang melawat rumah2 ihsan, yang majoritinya ialah beragama Islam. Iaitu agenda mereka di sebalik lawatan dan kasih sayang yang ditunjukkan itu.

Okey. Saya tak kata penganut agama selain Islam berniat jahat. Kerana itu kepercayaan mereka. Itu pegangan mereka. Itu 'akidah' mereka. Mereka berhak mengajak siapa sahaja kepada agama mereka, kerana mereka sendiri berasa berada di pihak yang benar.

Persoalannya, "Umat Islam di mana?"

Umat Islam di mana? Tatkala saudara2 seagama sendiri melarat? Kenapa muka2 yang menziarahi saudara2 Islam kita, bukan muka2 yang diharapkan oleh mereka?

Mereka mengharapkan wajah2 kita! Tak terasa apa2 kah, oleh daging yang berdenyut di balik rusuk kirimu itu? Tidakkah kita tahu, bahawa daging2 saudara kita yang di sebalik rusuk kiri mereka itu, berdenyut-denyut mengharapkan saudaranya! Mengharapkan kehadiran saudara2 seagamanya! Berdenyut-denyut memanggil denyutan nadi saudara seagamanya! Mengharapkan denyutan nadi yang sama2 mengakui keesaan Allah Taala dan kebenaran RasulNya Muhammad SAW, turut berada di sampingnya.

Bukan lama. Sekejap saja. Sekejap pun jadilah kan. Asalkan dapat merasai ikatan ukhuwah yang kita...kononnya berlagak mempertahankan dengan harta dan nyawa.

Saya dramatik?

Kalau begitu biarkan saya dengan dunia dramatik saya!

Maka dengarkan kata2 'dramatik' Muhammad SAW,

"Tidak sempurna iman salah seorang di antara kamu sehinggalah dia mengasihi saudaranya seperti dia mengasihi dirinya sendiri."

Jauh jarak usia (muda dan tua) bukanlah alasan untuk tidak mengasihi saudara sendiri. Bukankah Nabi Muhammad SAW sangat jauh beza umurnya dengan Saidina `Ali r.a.? Namun lihatlah, bacalah sirah Nabi dan para sahabatnya...bagi diri saya sendiri, sukar untuk mengesan jika terdapat jurang umur di antara mereka. Sehinggalah diteliti tarikh kelahiran mereka, kadang kala terkejut juga! Sebenarnya jarak usia sesetengah mereka dengan yang lain agak jauh, tetapi kisah2 kehidupan mereka bersama Rasulullah saw langsung tidak menggambarkan ADA jurang tersebut...

Beza bukan?
Antara ukhuwah Islamiah zaman ini, dengan ukhuwah Islamiah ketika awalnya kedatangan Islam.

Wahai sahabatku!

Sampai bila kita hendak begini?
Sampai ramai yang memilih pegangan lain untuk dianuti?

Waktu itu, tak payah tuding jauh2. Duduk depan cermin, tuding lah sepuas-puasnya.

Nabi Muhammad saw. Tegarnya menyeru manusia kepada Allah Yang Esa, walaupun najis unta diletakkan di atasnya ketika dia bersujud.

Sahabat2 Nabi kuat beristiqamah (usaha berterusan), bertebaran di seluruh bumi Allah dalam menyeru manusia kepada Islam.

Nabi saw dah wafat. Sahabat2nya turut mengikuti. Habis, di penghujung ni, tinggal siapa lagi?

kita bukannya sedang berbincang hendak mengislamkan manusia baru, tetapi...tetapi, mengekalkan, meneguhkan, dan MEYAKINKAN manusia2 yang sudah Islam, YAKINKAN mereka bahawa pegangan mereka itu benar. Sebagaimana yang hati2 kita yakini.

Tidak mahukah kita mengikuti jejak2 mereka sebelum kita? Jejak para rasul dan sahabat2 Rasulullah?

Apakah hanya jejak yang pasti itu, yang mahu kita ikuti? Iaitu jejak ke alam barzakh?
Jejak itu, tak payah suruh, kaki kita sudah ditetapkan akan 'melangkah' juga..


Saya cuma berkongsi pandangan peribadi. Yang baik tetapi sedikit itu, ambillah jika bermanfaat. Tapi kalau anda rasa saya merepek, maka tinggalkanlah.

Benar sekali - Kebaikan ialah kurniaan pencipta, manakala keburukan ialah milik makhlukNya.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

After 13th November 2010...

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Alhamdulillah. (All praises are meant for Allah).

Today is a very meaningful day for me.


I am merdeka!!! (imagine sound of fireworks...)

Oops! Yup.

"Merdeka" is not in your Oxford dictionary. It's a malay word which means, "Freedom!"

Ehem. Excuse me for a while dear readers...

(Yahooooooo!!!! Hooray!!!! Lalalalalaala......)

Uhuk2. Ehem. Fuh..(exhales) Okay, I'm ok. I'm allright. (smiles)

Allahu akbar. (Allah is the Almighty).

"Merdeka" to a country means free from physical dictatorship, able to establish a stable government. I say physical freedom, because Malaysia has been a free country for 53 years now, but there are still some aspects that is F.A.R from free...

"Merdeka" to a student.
Now THAT'S a different story. (smiles with all teeth, hehehe)

It means EXAMS are O.V.E.R!!!!!!

Wah2, happy nampak? (A little too happy, perhaps?)

I'm sure after this all my friends' blogs will be posting about "merdeka" too. (hehehe)

It's more than that

Yes, it IS more than just being free.

My last paper today, on November 13th 2010, at 9.00 am, Seat number 94, Exam Hall 2, Kulliyyah of pharmacy, IIUM Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Earth the blue planet, the Milky Way.....(ok2, somebody's still not OK as she claims to be..)

It's just's last paper has a big meaning to me.

It's not just the end of all the exams.

But it also means...I have finally done something which I couldn't do the last time.

(Deep breathing)

I have completed my first semester in B.Pharmacy.


This is just, too big a thing for me., I can finally say the word "Complete".

After november 13th 2010, I have finally completed that 1st sem..

My friends in second year (Rx8) have already completed 3 semesters.

Me? Just 2.

Okay, for readers who are confused, well, my student life story is a little complicated. But I don't feel like talking right now. Maybe you can ask my closest friends...

This post is kind of personal.

It's not like I always write something personal about myself.

It's just that this is just too deep a feeling. Too deep a satisfaction. One that can make your heart swell, really well. (hati lapang selapang-lapangnya.)

You know what, I'll tell you my story anyway. (tak tetap pendirian betul)

What happened

I enrolled in Kulliyyah of Pharmacy UIAM last year, on the year 2009. Technically, I should be a senior this year, in Second Year.

But the fact is I'm a first year again, this year, the year 2010.

What happened?

I took a study leave for one whole semester, during the 1st semester of my first year.

Then I resumed my studies again in the 2nd semester of my first year.

Initially, I should still be able to study with currently second year friends, but due to the curriculum review, I had no choice. But to step back.

Step back one whole year.

Simply put, it is like I am enrolling for B.Pharmacy this year. It's just like I never studied the last semester, for I have to, sort of 'repeat' first year.

...Do you get my story? (paham ke tak ni? haha)

I'm not asking anyone's sympathy here. Oh no no no. I don't need it.

I told you, I just feel like posting something personal this time around.

Yeah, who asked me to take a study leave for one whole semester right?

Hey, for those who don't know me, I had my reasons. That's all I'm going to say.

But it taught me a lot of things. Things that I will share in the later part of my life. Maybe, when I graduate? Huhuhu..Insya-Allah.

I can't share those "things that I've learned" due to that decision, because I myself have not seem the full ...shall we say, wisdom (hikmah) behind all that has happened. I want to see, what else that I can learn and get from that fateful decision in one part of my young life. I want to see, how that decision will change my life in the next few years to come.

Yes, it was fate. I believed it was, fate. A fateful decision.

I still believed it so.

I believed Allah Taala is trying to teach me something, as I have always believed so.


Consequences. Consequences. Consequences.

Believe me, young people rarely think about that C word. About consequences (akibat).

That's because they're immature. That's because they're rushing. Towards what? (shrugs shoulders) No idea.

Just take me for example.

I'm young. I made my move. Sure, I had my reasons, but were they reason enough? (memang aku ada sebab sendiri, tapi betul ke sebab tu memadai?)


No, I'm not gonna say "Merry christmas". haha.

I was going to say, "Hohoho. Ummu hurairah, you have NO idea what's in store for you." (kau memang tak boleh jangka apa yang ada kat hadapan kau)

I did not expect that curriculum review.
No sir-ree. Nope.

And so, I had to make another move, because of my first move, back in THAT FATEFUL 1st semester.

I said,
"Madam, I want to join the new batch. Because if not, my study plan would be even more hectic (and crazy-though of course I did not said this! jatuhla air muka I..hee) than the initial plan."

Madam (Dean of Student Affairs) forgot about my case. That the curriculum review would affect me as well. Subhanallah, I never blamed her. She's been so supportive since that first semester. What more can I ask? After all, I'm just one student, and she has to take care of the well-being of all 300 ++ students of the faculty. I'm lucky she's concerned.

And so, another fateful decision did I made. Hmmh...fate, seems to be playing a lot with me?

Nah..(No). I am His makhluq (creation). Of course I am subject to His Qada' and Qadar. And He knows best, what is best for all His creations.

Besides, I was one of those young people who never thought things twice. And so, face the CONSEQUENCES Ummu Hurairah! Muahahahaha (evil laugh)

Consequence 1 - Turun tahun (became a 1st year again)

Consequence 2 - Losing old friends

Consequence 3 - Gaining new friends..?

Well, that's all I could think of. Those consequences that are manifesting themselves at the moment. More are soon to come. Brace yourself ummu hurairah, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! (like Harry Potter movie 3)

p/s: one of the things I regret most