Friday, April 9, 2010

"There Are No Accidents."

Friday, April 9, 2010.

"There are no accidents."

Hmm..who do you think said those words? Anyone? Can anyone guess? The person who can guess correctly will..guess correctly. (laughs)

Allright2x. maybe that's not funny..

Here is the mystery guy..or should I say mystery sifu..

Master Oogway

(drumbeat) Allright. Not exactly Mr. Handsome..but he is kind of cute. Allright2x..cats are cuter. Fine.

But the appearance is not tonight's highlight. Rather..the mind.

(Am I writing too philosophically?)

What i'm trying to say is I like Master Oogway because of his wisdom. The thing with wise people..or even wise animals (in this case) is that they don't talk a lot. But when they can be sure they're the wisest words you'll ever hear. That's what I like about wise guys. (haha..wise guys)

It's funny you can relate an animated turtle to the characters of a mukmin. Can you think of a relationship between Master Oogway and a mukmin? (Laughs big)

I'm not serious? Well, of course I'm not! I'm just joking..but there is a point to be made here.

A mukmin..when he talks, he is careful. No, wait. (terbalik ni..@ its the other way around) He is careful when he talks. A mukmin doesn't talk rubbish. He would not like to..he would not want to.

A mukmin will minimize his talking when he feels he is talking about lagha stuff (perkara sia-sia = ? in english? aiya..I can't remember). Oh wait, I remember now. Unbeneficial things. Things that are just not worth your time talking. A mukmin will watch his tongue..because he knows humans are judged based on what he/she says. He knows the deadly potential of his tongue..he is afraid of it.

He is afraid he could not control it. He is afraid he would hurt others with his words..he is afraid his tongue will slice through someone's heart..because the tongue has no bone. Malay folk say, "Lidah yang tiada bertulang."

A mukmin would rather be silent than be involved in a lagha conversation. To him,
"Speech is silver, but silence is gold".

Prophet Muhammad SAW also left us this message,
"If you have nothing better to say, then it is better to be silent."

But again, the focus tonight is not on a mukmin's character. (So WHAT IS the focus??)

Ok. The on Oogway's..saying.

What did he say again?

"There are no accidents."


The accident here does not mean road accidents..or something that is unintentional. It simply means there are no accidents.

(Why am I repeating Oogway??)

Allright ummu hurairah! Let's take it slow and simple..

The thing that I would like to share tonight is simple. There are no coincidences in this life. At least, that is what I now believe.

Why do I say now? Because I wasn't always like this. No, I wasn't.

When I was little, I believed everything was coincidences. Almost everything.

I believed it was a coincidence that I got 5As for UPSR.

I believed it was a coincidence that I got 8As for PMR.

Even during SPM, I still believed it was a coincidence that I got good results.

Ungrateful? Yes, I would say the same thing if I were in your shoes.

A lot of other kids probably were envious of me. Because to their eyes, I didn't have to work that hard to get..well, you know. But was it really? Didn't I really work at all?

Truth is..I worked hard too. Maybe..they just didn't see it. Or maybe I just didn't show it. But, another truth is..I didn't believe it was me.

I did not believe it was me who got those splendid results (people say). I did not believe it was me who worked really hard..who prayed equally get Allah's blessings. I did not believe it was me who took all those exams.

"They're just coincidences.." I thought.

Or so I thought.

After nearing 21 years of my human life, I realized..everything..all of it was me. Well, me and Allah's. They weren't coincidences. They were..a result..of what I had worked so hard to get. I finally believed in myself. Had they been coincidences, well..then I simply only had to pray and say,

"Oh Allah, give me ten bombastic A's for my SPM and bless me with your rahmah. Ameen."
Now that..would have been a coincidence..a miracle. But the reality was did not happen that way. I worked..yes I worked. Ad-du`a (doa), strive (usaha) and tawakkal (leaving the rest to Allah). Those were the 3 keys I have always practised, I realized that now. The things my mother had been teaching me for 21 years if my life.

However, those were academic examples. What about other things in life that are not accidents?

My brain. My aql. My analytical way of thinking. My very deep type of thinking. Oh yes, I'm miss thinker..

Meeting new friends. Meeting ustazah Alwani. Studying at SMSSMJ..furthering in UTP..then went out and got into CFS IIUM..then to taking B. Pharmacy..Ending up in Kuantan.

Born as daughter of Azme and Zarina. Siblings of Haneef and Farah (the rascal..:) ).

Blogging. Sharing my ideas with you. Getting to know you.



I don't think it. I just don't believe it.

Do you know what I believe? I believe this is taqdir. Or in english, destiny perhaps. (Although I don't think the two words bear the actual same meaning..for arabic words always have deeper meanings..)

I believed I am meant to be here in Kuantan. Learning pharmacy. Going through the zig-zag system..(it's a weird system I have to undergo because I've missed the first semester of my 1st year) which will result in me belonging to 2 batches; the junior batch coming in July and also my current batch who will proceed to 2nd year Insya - Allah. So I'll have 2 batches.. Who knows, maybe I'm supposed to meet someone in the junior batch? Perhaps we will become good friends for life..who knows?

Well, Allah Taala knows. (smiles)

And I have faith in Him and His Taqdirs for me. I always will. From now on.

I pray our beliefs will always grow towards Him..not away from Him. I pray we are given a belief so strong that it will always guide us to do what we know..and sometimes what we feel is right.
It's one of the things we should pray for everyday.. because we know..that's the most precious thing a could ever hope to possess.

Because it is not a thing given to anyone and everyone. Believe me, it's not. You and I..we are not accidentally given iman in our our guide. It is no accident.

Prophet Musa a.s prayed which was recorded in Al-Quran al-Karim,
"...You (Allah Taala) mislead whoever You choose and You guide (give hidayah) whoever You choose..." -Surah al-`Araaf: 155-
Believe that your faith to Allah Taala is no coincidence, but is because it is He who chooses things to be the way they is He who chooses you to be His `abd (servant) is He who wants you to see the truth...and your iman will have increased by leaps and bounds. Place your full trust not on me..but on Allah Taala.

Did you not notice..what we are referred to as in Al-Quran?

"Ya ayyuhal lazina aamanu..(Oo believers)"
So my dear brothers and you still not believe in Him? In Ar-Rahman..Ar-Rahim.

One last question before I you believe that the fact you are reading this right coincidence?

The decision..the choice, the belief is up to you.

Assalamualaikum and may Allah Taala give us our much needed rest.


DaruL said...

nape mr oogway so ugly? hehe xde kene mengena dgn tajuk.

no accidents.. andai kita berhati2...
better sure than sorry then.

carefulness << promote name blog

Ummu Hurairah said...

ala..kesian oogway, dlm cite kungfu panda tu..haha. Sebenarnya patut letak tajuknye, "there are no coincidence" kot. huda macam dah terslh phm je..he2. anyway, Iallah kte visit blog hud2 slalu..:)