Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Creativity Goes Over the Limit

Tuesday, April 20, 2010.

Since when does creativity has a limit?? (smiles)

The word "creativity" itself means going over limits. Thinking outside the box, etc. So, what is actually my rambling for today..?

True, creativity doesn't have boundaries. But sometimes..we might have to put a limit.

Friends, I give you the most 'creative' person I've ever heard of..since last Sunday;


Sunday, April 18, 2010: Lisa Murphy...artist..creates a pornography book for the blind..

"The blind have been (incorrectly) left out in this sexual world.."

Source: New Sunday Times.

Since I don't have the copy with me right now, the above are not exactly excerpts from NST. But I do remember the title and the artist's name correctly.

How can I forget. The most 'creative' person I've ever heard of..or rather, I've ever read about.

(Shakes head)

Are you guys shaking your heads too? Let's all shake our heads in unison..1,2, shake! (laughs)

Allright2. Sorry. But honestly, this is no laughing matter.

I mean..someone actually thinks that society is being 'unjust' to blind people because they cannot 'enjoy' pornography like other 'normal' people. Well, at first I did stifle a snort (tahan gelak). I mean..it's outrageous! Really! The ideas a human mind can think of..they just couldn't get any weirder, can they..?

But then the important thing grabbed hold of me. "Pornography for the Blind"..hmm..uh-oh. Man, these people are just vile. Evil.

I guess it's not enough that they want to corrupt people who can see..but now they've even go as far as to even infect the blind? Isn't it enough the term "porn", "sex" and other erotic (menaikkan syahwat) words is the daily 'nutrients' of current see-able society..now they're going to teach that to people who Allah Taala have protected their sight from those mind & soul corrupting things too?

I mean..it's not just the words. Of course, I can't even relate to them. (It's kind of hard for me to actually type those words here..) It's the images.

All those so-called metropolitan magazines. What's so metro about them anyway? Modern? Modern is their cover agent. Their interpretation of modernism..is all those words I find it hard to write here. Plus other negative influences like drugs, addiction, black metal music etc.

Why..do they even like it? Why do they 'worship' it? I..really can't relate to them. I don't understand their needs for those things they idolize so much. Well..they probably can't relate to me either. Fine. I like it better that way. You stay out of my business and I'll stay out of yours.

But. The problem. The problemo here is..they are not.

They are not staying out of my business. They are meddling with the ummah. And the ummah is of course my business. It is our business.

The blind are people, just like you and me. The only difference is that their 'sight' is different from ours. I do not really know what their world looks like. For I am not blind. Therefore it is none of my right to simply state what their world look like.

I can only imagine..what their world must look like..when I close my eyes.

When I close them..I see nothing..but darkness. When I close them in an dark room, it was twice as dark..compared to when I close them with the lights turned on. So..this must be what their world looks like. Almost.

Dark. Alone. Empty.

But it is really so?

Do the blind really see their world as that?

Like I said, I have no idea. But here's my belief.

I believe that the blind, more so the muslims, are not really seeing empty space. What they see..is actually what Allah doesn't want them to see. Allah Taala is simply protecting them from the harms of this world..in the form of images and pictorial representations.

Do you not agree on this? What we see now..is largely not only disadvantageous to growth of mind, especially the youth, but is just plain...bad. I would say; repulsive, vile and just...yuck.

Yuck is an understatement. Really. Honestly.

What is it that is being fed to our teenagers? On Tvs, and magazines, plus the freely accessible online videos, which by the way can be created by anyone with sufficient media, say a mobile phone with a camera. Get your 'surfing boards' and surf the internet yourself. You'll find what you don't need.

What I've been rambling so far is the current state. Now, the future state is something like what NST published on early Sunday, April 18, 2010. Porn for the blind. (shakes head) You know, I might not need to exercise so much. I'm already shaking my head three times while writing this. (laughs)

Lisa Murphy, either a Canadian or Italian artist, or simply neither because I don't really remember. Anyway, she has done her homework.

The book she has worked on is made of thermo..something, which is material for most braille books..if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, the material is specially designed for the blind's benefit. In this case, sadly, it is not.

The book is filled with images and descriptions about the images, which is raised so that the blind can feel it with their fingers, and thus..err..'enjoy' porn.

She even went to the extent of asking a fellow blind person to check the book for defects or something which she can further improve on, like err..images of buttocks, hips and what not, since she herself cannot feel it. And then she did improve the book.

An additional information; the persons involved in the publication are mostly her friends, captured while wearing masks. (Guess they feel shame too..? Nah..don't think so.) And..SHE HERSELF is also featured in the book. She said (something like this),
"I couldn't bear if other people did something I myself wasn't involved with."
Oh, how 'noble' of you.

And that is the story of how this..'creative' person helps me exercise my head. (shakes head)

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