Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Idiot in University

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Alhamdulillah (Praises are meant for Allah).

I have just finished my second-last paper.

Already alhamdulillah (Dah alhamdulillah)?
What about the LAST PAPER?

Well, I think I have enough bullets in my gun (Cukup peluru nak tembak)!

Oh dear!
My statement sounds like I'm a terrorist! (bullets in my gun).

No, no.
In Malaysia, or in layment terms, it simply means I don't really care (about the last paper) because it is an MCQ paper. MCQ=Multiple choice question.

So, in Malay language, what I meant was, "Hentam saja la!" (Just choose whatever answer you feel is right!)

(Susah betul nak translate in English ye, supaya tak tersalah faham)

What a student, eh?
No wonder my intelligence level is still like a child. (Apa punya student la. Patutla dari dulu sampai sekarang tak bijak-bijak.)

True, isn't it?
Taking exams for granted, that's sort of second nature to a student. Well, maybe not every student, but it seems to be coming of a trend.

Including myself...
If that is not an idiot, what do you call a person with such an attitude?

Allright2, perhaps "idiot" is harsh. (VERY harsh, ummu hurairah.)

Perhaps, ignorant would be more proper?

I think ignorant is what I am.

Ignorant of the TRUE VALUE of KNOWLEDGE.

Can you place a value on knowledge?
Come on!

Want to bet?
How much million ringgit Malaysia is knowledge?

RM 120.00 - Basic Anatomy & Physiology, Tortora. (For example)

Not bad, not bad. (pandai jugak ye)

But that is the price of a book.

Not the price of knowledge.

For, if that book stays at the bookstore, the knowledge that it contains, stays there too.
Even if someone were to buy that book, but not utilize it, not reading it, not appreciating it, then the knowledge would still stay on its pages, for as long as we remain ignorant.

If then, is the knowledge still valuable?

If that is the case, does knowledge still have a price?

If we choose to remain ignorant, then the answer is staring point blank at you face. Probably under our chins, because we can't see that fact, no matter how hard we squint our eyeballs.

Knowledge is priceless.

But like I said, that fact is probably hiding under our chin.

Can we see our chins? WITHOUT the mirror?

Heck, we can't even see our nostrils. What more the chin. What more what's below the chin. (Lubang hidung pun tak nampak. Dagu lagilah. Bawah dagu apatah lagi).

That is the character or the ignorant people.

Let's not be ignorant people, allright?

Let's not be ignorant knowledge chasers, for the sake of Allah, the One who Created us, for our own sakes, and for the sake of the value of knowledge itself.

Let's not be 'idiots' in universities.

For the worst people, are those endowed with the intelligence, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, the CHANCE to seek knowledge, but chose not to seek it.

To me, those people, are the true idiots.

Na`uzubillahi min zalik (We seek protection from Allah from that).

Is this hat, and the certificate, is ALL that we are after, at UNIVERSITY?
What about the UNIVERSITY of LIFE?
Whose 'dean' is Allah Taala...

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