Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Kyrgyz Brothers and Sisters

Wednesday, June 16, 2010.

Assalamualaikum everyone. May Allah Taala bless you and your families during this holidays. (for malaysians)

I myself just got back from..somewhere. (smiles) I had a great time. Truly..we had a nice time together..only Bro Nip (my bro) wasn't there. (rugi tau banif..hehe) Maybe next time, k banif. :)

A lot of thoughts are swirling (berpusing) inside my may be a holiday, but it was also a learning experience for me. Oh yeah..

As I gather and organize my thoughts..wondering what story should I share with you guys (and girls) ..another story caught my ears.

A story..of a far away land from where I live.
Still (tapi), I felt..weirdly close.
As if it happened just next door.
What story?

Well, you could probably guess by now, looking at the title, right?

That's right.
It's a story..of my Kyrgyzstan.
It's a story..of OUR family in Kyrgyzstan.
It is a story..of OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS in Kyrgyzstan.

Did you hear? About them?
did you know?
Did any of us know..what has happened to them?

I..only knew recently. Just recently. Did I know.
Just recently, did I care.
Just recently, did I feel..their pain and sufferings.

Children being killed and civilians raped in ethnic unrest in country's south, UN says.

Thank you, al-jazeera reporters. Because of you, I know this story.
Maybe..I can say, that while I am weak..and cannot do anything to help, nor do I fully understand the magnitude of the crisis, nor do I know what is the cause for all the unrest there..maybe, just maybe..I can say, to Allah:
"Allah taala, at least I know their story."


Who am I kidding? I won't have the guts to say that (takkan ada keberanian nak cakap begitu). Not in front of Allah.
And then..there's Rasulullah.
What will I him?

That my heart cried while reading this story..?
That my heart pains me..?
That tears almost run down my cheeks..?

How could I say that?
how could we..?

Is this all that we can do?

I feel so weak, ya Allah. There's nothing I can do. Except, share their story.

I can only sit here, writing..typing away their story, while my sisters are raped..
those barbarians..(containing anger/tahan marah..)

Our family dies over there. 170 of them. And officials are saying that the death toll might be more than what is revealed. The people there are saying that the gov are trying to contain the unrest, and that includes containing the real total of deaths. Some speculate the deaths maybe 700 or more.

Death. Rapings. And you know what else?
Do we know the long term consequence of this unrest?

Refugees. Our families over there lost their homes. Where will they go? Who will accept homeless people from an unstable neighbouring country?

Egypt didn't. They didn't accept homeless Palestinians. The gov did very little to help. Even shelter..they didn't shelter their own brothers. In fact, huh..they went a step further. I'm sure EVERYBODY knows about the siege they help sustain in Gaza. By blocking Rafah border, they have also contributed to the suffering of their own brothers. this a joke? If it is, then it is a very bad one the Egypt gov makes.

Alhamdulillah, our Kyrgyz bro and sis have better neighbours. Uzbekistan has accepted quite a number of refugees, if I'm not mistaken, around 75 000.

"Uzbekistan closed the border on Monday to all except those with fresh wounds or special needs, saying it did not have resources to cope with the mass exodus.
It reopened three checkpoints to let in more than 60 wounded people late on Tuesday."

At least, the Uzbek gov is responding positively, in my point of view, to the cries of the needy. I'm not sure if the Uzbekistan gov is headed by a muslim leader. But even if it isn't, I think they still have hearts. I hope they keep helping, at least by allowing some refugees inside their country, even for a while.

Our families turned refugees...

You can read the full story here.

Just extra information - the unrest is because of ethnic clashes.

According to Al-Jazeera,

Kyrgyzstan's 5.3 million population is mainly made up of Kyrgyz (70%) ethnic Uzbeks (15%) and Russians (8%).

About 50% of the Osh region's 1.2 million inhabitants are ethnic Uzbeks.

About 40% of a population of one million in Jalal'abad region are ethnic Uzbeks.

It started with "mobs of Kyrgyz men attacking ethnic Uzbeks and torching their homes."

So, it all boils down to ethnic problems eh? Hmm..Malaysia also has many ethnics. Thankfully, all is peaceful here.

I believe peace is a gift. Don't you? When we read stories about clashes in Bangkok, unrest in Kyrgyzstan, and the never ending war in you still not think that peace is a special gift in its own right?

We have..a special gift here. Right here on our soil. Alhamdulillahirabbil `alamin.

I never knew that soil could be so..precious. Tanah..sangat berharga kan? Our own place to call home.

So, don't forget to say thanks. Everyday. Everyday and every second that you remember. Say thanks.

To who?

To the God that we all believe in.

To Allah Subhanahu wa Taala.

And even if you, my dear friend, do not believe in God, (shrugs) well, I'm sure you're still thankful. I'm sure of it. (smiles)

Because we are all the same. We are humans. Beings who cherish peace, and all the good things that come with it.

So, my dear brothers and sisters,
tonight, as we prepare to rest our tired bodies,
don't forget.
Don't forget; to say thanks to Allah.

And don't forget; to remember our families out there, wherever they may be. Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Rohingya (Myanmar), Patani (Thailand), Phillipines, UK, USA, Africa, Sudan, Algeria..Palestine.

Remember our sleep.
Remember our dreams.
Remember our hearts.

Sleep well, my brothers and sisters.
Be safe, in Allah's guidance.
Wherever you may be.


DaruL said...

kenape ye uzbez sekat kyrgyz?

Ummu Hurairah said...

kenapa? well, bg saya lah kan, saya rasa kerajaan uzbek kira baik drpd kerajaan2 islam yg lain, esp negara2 arab, yg responnya lg teruk kpd krisis pelarian, walaupun pelarian2 itu saudara2 seagama sendiri. sbnrnya, saya rasa x blh nak salahkan kerajaan uzbek sgt, kerana menutup sempadan negaranya buat seketika. sbb, ntahlah. mgkn bnyk isu2/masalah yg timbul kalau mereka accept terlalu bnyk pelarian penduduk negara lain. i don't think it is an easy issue, dari perspektif satu kerajaan. lagipun, sbb kekacauan kat kyrgyz skrg, sbb kaum etnik kyrgyz yg mula serang dan bakar rumah2 org kaum uzbek. rasanya sejarah pembentukan negara uzbekistan, kyrgyzstan dan tajikistan ni pnjg. asal2nya di bwh kuasa rusia, lps tu mrk split jd 3 negara tu. tp, kalau tgk betul2, kaum2 etnik uzbek, kyrgyz dan tajis berselerakan kat ketiga2 negara tu. so, semua ni berpunca drpd masalah perkauman., myb that's why uzbek gov kene hati2 dlm tindakan mrk trhdp refugees from kyrgyz. i dunno, i think it is more complicated than what is on the news..haha, sori huda, dah jd melalut plak

Ummu Hurairah said...

lgpun, at least gov uzbek accept mrk yg cedera utk dirawat di hosp2 mrk..that's better than apa yg negara2 arab buat 4 palestinians..

Ummu Hurairah said...

lgpun, at least gov uzbek accept mrk yg cedera utk dirawat di hosp2 mrk..that's better than apa yg negara2 arab buat 4 palestinians..