Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Dean's List Student

Tuesday, May 4, 2010.

Oh my God..please..nooo!

Not the light...the shining, piercing light..striking my eyes..!

Assalamualaikum everybody :).

Sorry, I've been quite a bear lately - hibernating. (he3)


Oops..what WAS THAT? (smiles) That's my 'bearly' yawn..phew! What a hibernation!

Actually, I had some things on my plate, thus the hibernation of this blog.

So, what about this "student" I'm writing about? Why is he/she in the Dean's List? What's so good about him/her that he/she gets this title? - "The Dean's List Student".

Well of course he/she is good! Hence the title. Those scientists who won the nobel prizes didn't just get it by writing some thesis. Oh, my dear, no. Of course they worked their b***s off, discovering this, postulating (coming up with a theory) that..why did you think they DESERVED the honorary awards in the first place?

And so, this "mystery student" is OF COURSE one of the best students in this whole world, my personal opinion of course. (How many of courses have been written..can anyone count for me? hahaha)

You know what? Allright2. Here's the truth. I just wrote the bombastic title to make you edgy. Yep, That's right. The title is just a title..for this topic. (of course).

Oh come on! Don't get mad at me just yet..I'm not finished here. (smiles)

Yes...oof course a title can be just a title. But sometimes the title is given to describe a thing, or a persona.

For example; here is the title "The Dean's List Student". Now, what is the descriptive phrase here? The noun is "student"...then the description must be "The Dean's List"! (ding3x..bingo!)

Ok. Now we all know the description of this mystery student. He/she must be really good, really clever..or just really lucky to be awarded the Dean's list. But we all know the chances of this guy/girl being lucky is 1 in a billion. So..conclusion? He/she must be really brilliant then.

Smart. Brilliant. Or simply knows the right learning methods. Or all of them.

But..is a good student really is the one that matches all these descriptions?

In my view, something is missing.

Something does not quite..fit the bill.



Yes. You heard me. Or, saw what I wrote. The Basics. Now, let's get back to the basics, shall we?

We, are young adults. What, or rather who, is our basics?

The small we. The kid we. (is my grammar right..??)


The KID is the "The Dean's List Student"???

Well..that depends on how you see it. In my view: yes.

To me, that little kid running in zig-zags across the playground, making his/her mother's head spinning as she tries to catch up..is the most clever..student there is, and there ever will be.
You want to know why I think that way?

The answer, is the question.

It is because the questions that they asked, are asking and will ask. It is because they QUESTION EVERYTHING!

"Mom what is that bird doing?"
"Dad, what are those beautiful colours in the sky after the rain falls?"
"Brother, why is the leaf green?"
"Teacher, why does the cat have whiskers?"

And so many, many other questions that we, as adults sometimes didn't even think they would ask. And sadly, questions that we find, at times irritable and annoying. And so, we stopped answering their little queries.


Little meaning to us, but of the MOST IMPORTANT MEANING TO THEM!

Perhaps it is because we too, were suppressed when we were little. Perhaps as little children, our parents too were too busy to take notice of us. Of the most precious things in the world.

What will we do now? Repeat that MISTAKE? What ARE we going to do?

Next time our little brother or sister thugs gently at our trousers, stop for a moment. Bent down, look at those young innocent eyes and asks, "Yes my dear, is anything bothering you?"

Would it really be such a bother to STOP and SEE the REAL TREASURES OF LIFE? Or have mankind simply become blind to the dazzling gold and silver and even black gold (oil) underneath the earth, that they forget the GREATEST TREASURES that Allah Taala has given to them?

Have you and I become victims of this material world? Have we..?

Astaghfirullah al-azim. If so, then we are lost.

But even the lost can be found. Even the lost can find their way again.

With some help. With some guidance. With some hidayah (guidance).

Please, let us not forget the little ones. I know, they are easy to forget, because they are so tiny after all, and we are..so big after all. So, does tiny in size also mean tiny in significance (kepentingan)?

If so, then Adolf Hitler was of tiny significance. You.. do know WHO Adolf Hitler was right..? The German Nazi symbol on his army clothing..you know..well never mind. The point is, he wasn't very tall. But that not very tall man..plunged the world into WORLD WAR 2, way before I was born. So, tiny size = tiny significance? Hitler certainly proved he wasn't.

So my friends, when will we realize that those sometimes naughty little children, are but the BEST OF STUDENTS around?

Maybe it is because we have grown up, that we forgot the true secrets of learning. And what is that?


You and I, my friends, we all have forgotten that learning comes from answers. And where do answers come from? Why, from questions, of course. (Yeay! of course is back!)

And so, let us all learn from the master shall we? From the Dean's List Student of the year..and always will be...THE KID.

p/s: inspired from Discovery Science Channel motto, "Question Everything".


utrujah said...

aigo, ingatkan td namelist kelas kita yang dpt dean's list. hooyeah. timy punya result mesti boomed kan:)

Ummu Hurairah said...

asma'! mane ade boom2! piyuuu~ adala (bunyi bende jatuh perlahan-lahan)..haha. ok je. alhamdulillah. asma'...? :) asma' wat pe kat umah? btw ade ym x?