Thursday, May 19, 2011

Counting Gifts at 22

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم
In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful


two, three, four, five, six, seven...

eigth..nine..err..four hundred and sixty-one! - Friends


Family, friends, relationship between humans (hubungan sesama manusia) or حبل من الناس (hablum minan naas) in Arabic...what wonderful gifts I have, turning 22.


I'm so fortunate to have so many well wishers out there. My mother, father, sister and my brother who still hasn't wished me (grr..haha) but he's forgiven, a new working doctor must have a lot on his plate. (smiles) Cousins, friends..what more can you wish for? (smiles)

But really, the best wish of all comes from a dear ukhti (means a sister because we are both share the same religion, Islam) of mine;

"Hari ini hari lahirmu (Today is your birthday)
hari ini bertambah lagi usiamu (today you age a little more)
hari ini akan bertambah jua tanggungjawabmu (today your burden/responsibility inches a little higher)
hari ini akan menjadikan dirimu lebih matang (today makes you a more matured soul)
dek ujian yang akan datang (because of the coming tests)
hari ini akan menjadi saksi ketabahan dirimu (today will witness your patience)
mengharung onak dan duri (through hardships to come)

Hari ini Allah telah memendekkan lagi jarakmu dengan-Nya (Today Allah shortens your journey to Him)
semakin berkurang tempoh untuk beramal (time gets shorter to do good deeds)
semakin kubur mempersiap tempat untukmu (the grave prepares to welcome you)
semakin bersedia malaikat maut datang menjemput (the angel of death set to take you)
semakin dekat masa amalan dihitung (the hour of hisab (judgement) draws ever closer)
dan semakin hampir haruman firdausi...atau azab jahannam (and draws nearer the sweetness of jannah/heaven...or is it the fires of jahannam/hell)
semoga dengan nikmat umur yang Allah panjangkan ini dapat dimanfaatkan untuk menambah bekalan di akhirat kelak... (may Allah's gift of age is benefitted to increase good deeds as something to look forward to when the Day of Judgement looms...)

The best wishes of all, are the wishes which remind me of the reality of this life: that is there is another life to look forward to. That this life will end with death, and we will be live again, to be judged according to our deeds on earth. The best wishes of all - are the wishes which serve as the perfect reminder of our purpose of life... Thank you ukhti.

The best gifts

The best gifts to me, are those which come from the heart. It may not look much, may not taste much (cooking) but it's the thought that counts. It is the effort that counts. It is the sincerity which I love. Like Allah, who does not judge by appearance, but judges what lies inside his/her heart. And so...the Best Gift Award goes to...

Adik's home made card! yeay..(she is going to kill me if she knows about this haha)
But really, I like home made gifts. (smiles) Because there is only one in the world like it, and it's mine! Wuhoo~ a unique gift and it is for me..? Aww..thanks adik! 

Thank you Allah for all these gifts. But the best gifts of all, are having Islam as my deen (way of life), Muhammad pbuh as my prophet, and knowing You are my God & Creator.

Alhamdulillahi rabbil. alamin.

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