Friday, December 10, 2010

Global Corruption Survey?

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم



I'm sorry, folks. But I just can't help it. It's just...weird and funny.

What is (funny)?

That we (humans) need a survey as a proof of how corrupted we really are. Well, some of us.

Need proof?

Hahaha...I still can't help laughing. okey2, I know corruption is not a laughing matter..of course we all know the serious impacts corruption 'bestows' upon us! 


The money meant for the project of setting up a new school, for example, is not enough than what was previously in the budget. 

Why? Why is it that upon completion of the project, the authorities will find that the school needs MORE MONEY or EXTRA MONEY to finish the construction, than what was previously calculated? Why? 

Is it because the accountant did his job wrong? (Sebab mereka tak reti mengira ke?) Hah, takkanlah pihak2 yang bertanggungjawab itu bodoh atau tidak terpelajar dalam bidang masing2? (Are the people behind the project so stupid and unknowledgeable in their respective fields?) 

money, money, money (says Mr Krabbs)

Of course they're not stupid. Of course they have degrees, masters, PhDs and everything else that shows they are intelligent and ever qualified.

So, if it is not the `aqal (mind/intelligence), where did it go wrong?

Aah...we always forget that humans are not merely 'robots' of intelligence.
But also of pure heart.

A human, my friends, know that a human (ketahuilah bahawa manusia) a combination of the mind and soul.

A good human is either good with his mind (intelligent) or good of heart (with good moral values).
But the best among us are those who can combine his intelligence with that of a good heart.

But who am I to judge? (smiles) I'm no judge. None of us have that right.

Do you want to know what The Judge (Al-Hakim/الحكيم) thinks?

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

"...Inna akromakum `indallahi atqokum..."
"...Verily the most honourable(mulia) among you in the sight of Allah are those who fear Him..."
(Surah al-Hujurat: 13)

Allah subhanahu wa taala (SWT) says that the best of humans are those who have taqwa, which is the fear of Allah, in their hearts.

Thus, my answer, yes, my answer, to the never ending need of money or funds in projects for the rakyat is... those in charge, among them, they lack taqwa in their hearts.

When they have no fear of Allah, they think that Allah does not see what they are doing.
When they have no fear of Allah, they think they will not be held responsible/accountable for their deeds, good or bad.
When they have no fear of Allah...the first person doesn't feel anything when giving bribes, and neither does the recipient.

Between two people

it takes two to make it happen

Yes, bribery happens between two people. Have you ever heard that "it takes two people to tango"? Yup, the same thing goes with bribery. Although the briber and the recipient does not dance when the 'transaction' occurs (imagine how funny that would be...hahaha), but they are dancing to the tune of syaitan/devil, for it takes two people to commit that sin/dosa.

I prefer to call it a "sin", not a "crime". Just like I would really like if we start using the word "zina" again in newspapers instead of of "khalwat" or "terlanjur" or anything else of the sort.

Why should we abstain/menahan diri from using such terms?

Why? Is it because we feel afraid when reading the words "zina" or "sin/dosa"?

That is precisely why!

In fact, we do feel afraid. 
Afraid of what?
Afraid of who?

Deep down, we know that we are afraid of God. Of Allah SWT.

If the newspapers or the presses/media at large start printing sentences like "Corruption is a sin" instead of "Corruption is a crime", what do you think you would feel when reading them? Do we not see the difference?

Not just the different statements, or the different phrases, but the completely DIFFERENT FEELING inside.


Anti-Corruption Day

Did you know that yesterday was the World Anti-Corruption Day?

Every 9th December the world 'celebrates' anti-corruption day. Well, the UN started it back in 2003, I quote "to raise awareness of graft and promote the global fight against it." (

I have two comments on this:

1. I think it would be nicer if we use a positive name. Instead of "Anti-corruption" what about "Pro-honesty"? or something that promotes honesty among humans. I mean, why put such a negative stance about it when we can always think about it in a more positive light? Aren't we always told to "think positive"? So, why not do so, about such a fundamental issue for us humans.

2. Sometimes I don't think we need things like Anti-Corruption's just not working. I mean, what effect does it really have? 

apparently there seems to be no effect with this headline...(

Just one day to promote awareness? To me, that's...well, maybe not rubbish, but it is still ridiculous

I mean, do you really expect humans are going to be better people by promoting for one day for every 365 days? 

If you're really serious in fighting corruption, then promote it in all 365 days! Not just a day...come on, acknowledge that sense of right you have in your heart, you know that it's never going to go anywhere with this "one-day campaign". It's too stereotype (biasa sangat dah), it's too common and it's downright ridiculous. 

Acknowledge the fact that this thing; CORRUPTION is a M.O.N.S.T.E.R. And do you hold back when fighting monsters? If we don't know how to fight monsters, maybe we should go back and watch "Ultraman Cosmos" or something...hahaha

No, seriously. This is serious. 

We should give it our all. Not just anti-corruption day, telephone lines to report on bribery, media advertisements (televisions, papers, magazines), but much more.

We should know the most appropriate place to strike; and that is straight to the heart.

It is with taqwa. Only with taqwa can we win this war. 

May Allah Taala help and have mercy on us.

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