Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Theme...Is NEW

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

A new year (hijri year).

A new semester.

A new look (thus the blog).

A new and improved me, Insya-Allah. (smiles)

Back in Kuantan

I am now back in Kuantan once again. In sem 2, year 1.

Hmm... the first day, yesterday, I only had two classes, one was Organic Chemistry and the other was Biochemistry. Yep, pharmacy students just looove chemistry. Well, we try. (smiles)

But you know, (no you don't but that's why i'm going to tell you) I already took Biochemistry the last two semesters. How can that be? Well, fate has its own way with things, and well, you can't challenge fate. You can't challenge Allah. (shudders) I won't want to be in a position against Allah, na`uzubillahi min zalik. (we pray for Allah's protection against that).

Sometimes, we may not realize it, but we put ourselves in a position against Allah (kita mungkin tak sedar tapi kadang2 kita menentang Allah, secara tak langsung). No, no, it may not be intentionally (tak ada niat), but our actions have spoken for us. Yes, don't ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS?

For instance, we say that we are muslims, but do we really act like one? Do we pray immediately as soon as we heard Him 'call' (azan)? Or do we tell ourselves excuses like, "Aah, I've still got time...relax...it's only 3.00pm" or " Oh relax me, I'm just going to use the internet another half an hour, then I'll pray lah."

What about gossiping, or back-biting? Do we hold our tongue when we know the tongue is about to speak ill of our friends? "Oh, I'm just sharing the story, it's nothing serious."
....But it is serious. In front of Allah, it is deadly serious.

When we play with Allah's commands, then this is what it means by putting ourselves against Him.

Dearest friends,

I am not trying to scare you.

I...we..should know that Allah Taala is not like that. Not scary, in a way.

But Allah Taala is the One who created us, the One who creates all living beings for that matter, so does He not have the right to command (adakah Dia tiada hak untuk memerintahkan sesuatu) ?

Allah Taala has every right.

And another thing we should remember, is that His commandments are the best...definitely the best. Because He is العليم (al-`alim), the All-Knowing, He knows what is best for His creations, thus He sent down the best of laws, as guidance, as GUIDANCE my friends, as GUIDANCE...in Al-Quran al-karim.

So remember, even when we never say, "Oh Allah, I am against you! (Ya Allah, aku menentang engkau!)", but be aware of our actions, for they may well prove to be against Allah.

I have sidetracked, again

Oh sorry, I'm deeply sorry. Old habits die hard. (hehehe)

Anyway, this semester I will only be taking two core subjects i.e;
-Fundamentals of pharmacology (3 CH)
-Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (4CH)

And to make the total credit hours 12 (minimum for each semester), I must (wajib actually) take these 2 elective courses;
-Industry Regulations (2CH)
-Nutraceuticals n Cosmeticeuticals(2CH)



How am suppose to get another 1 Credit Hour??

Aiyaiyai...Allah help me....huaaa


New Problems

ohoh. So the theme is really "new". New problems.

Apart from the "credit hour trouble", I also face another troubling agenda...hahaha

Time table clashes!

Oh, oh oh my head...(pening kepala)

Because I'm talking two elective courses with the second years, there is a clash of the timetables! (like clash of the titans haha) (Macam mana ni....)


Okay then, I am now off to find the solution : Madam Halimah!

Off to my new adventure...yeeehaw! (adventure la sangat

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