Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today's Reality : Muslims Clinging to Obama for Hope, Instead of Upholding Islam

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I write this entry today, to address all muslims worldwide, in Malaysia, Indonesia, or even as far as Turkey, where ever you may be, I hope that you would spare even as little as 10 minutes to read this writing of mine.
(Do I sound like mr. president? Haha, just kidding)

I had to think for a long time on the title, for I don't know how best to describe my thoughts right now. My thoughts are not so important as the thoughts of Barack Obama, but I feel that I can no longer keep it inside of me, not without sharing it with you, my fellow muslims.

What is the center piece of Islam, I ask you? Yes, that is correct, Al-Quran and al-Sunnah.

Yet what is happening around us? We see in the news headlines everyday, I'm not kidding, everyday, muslims are summarized into one word; terrorist. Hizbollah in Lebanon, Taliban in Pakistan, Abu Sayyaf in Philippines, and al-Qaeda, just to name a few. There might be smaller groups who did not make the headlines.

Reading about them in the news arouses many questions in my mind. Why are they doing this? Why do they make suicide bombings? Why do they kidnap innocent people, usually harmless civilians, reporters, journalists, especially those who are non-muslims? Why? To what cause? What do they hope to achieve from all this?

I don't know about what they'd HOPE to achieve, but one thing they did achieve was the branding of muslims as hostile, dangerous and terrorising communtiy. Now the non-muslims are even suspicious and judgemental on us than ever before. Was THIS what they'd hope to achieve when they bombed and attacked people?

I am well aware about the concept of jihad. In fact, I would be wrong to say that it is only a concept. It is not. Jihad is a wonderful thing, the true jihad. Jihad during the time of prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions, when it was to spread the moral values in which Islam brings, that was the REAL JIHAD.

I'm the last person to have the right to judge them. Only Allah SWT has the right to judge His servants. How can a servant judge another servant? I am just another servant of Allah, just like them. We are all on the same level, because we are all God's creations. I do not know what they feel in their hearts, what their niat (intentions) are. And, they will always be my brothers and sisters in Islam, all of them.

But..what they are doing is, just..wrong. This is all wrong. Does anyone realize what the world community thinks of muslims? Of what the picture is it that WE are giving them? Yes, as I have said earlier, terrorists. They think that if the muslims dominate this world, then we would slaughter every non-muslim in existance. THAT, is the picture we are giving them..unfortunately.

When the true Islam that Rasulullah SAW brought over 1400 years ago, a long time ago, was nothing the picture that is portrayed by muslims around the world right at this moment. It was a religion of peace, of good morality, of tolerance, to the non-muslims. Sadly, it appears time has succeeded in eradicating these values from the center piece of Islam.

So, the west, as we all like to name the non-muslim community, has turned to its new leader, president Barack Obama. You have to admit, in troubling times like this, when the world economy is unstable, and 'terror' is on the rise, of course people tend to look for a saviour. And in the nick of time, President Obama arrives. Undoubtedly, he is the perfect man to bridge ties between quarelling countries and bring peace to the world. He seems honest to fullfill his promises to his nation and to the world.

However, I dont' really like it when muslim countries seems too dependant on president Obama. It's obvious. It's evident. Palestinians are hoping for him to end Israeli's invasion towards their homeland. Iraq is depending on the deployment of US troops into the country to keep it from falling apart, which Obama has recently increased. And all the while I was perplexed by the fact that..Palestine and Iraq are IN FACT, surrounded by, non other than, MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

Neighbours are supposed to help each other. Doesn't that fall on neighbouring countries too? (shakes my head) And they call themselves muslim countries. Wait, I'm sorry, we call ourselves muslim countries. The problem is not just them. It's us. Therein lies the fault itself. We are not one anymore. We are separated, by country, by nation, that we abandon Islam completely. And that is also why, many muslims turn to a non-muslim for help. To Obama. Because they did not find what they were looking for in fellow muslims, who were supposed to be their 'buddies', they turn to someone who CAN and WANT TO help them. Can we blame them? No, absolutely not. When we failed to help them in the first place, when we did not have the sense to go and help them, when we are not strong enough to go and offer even the slightest aid, when we have ignored their pleas and call as brothers, when we go on with our lovely and bountiful lives without a single remorse that our brothers don't even have a roof on top of their heads..then at that very moment, whether we realised it or not.. we have lost every right to blame them for turning their backs on us and asking a non-muslim for help.

My intention is not to go on a anti-Obama campaign here. Don't get me wrong, I admire Obama. At least he has the sense to implement justice, something the muslim world leaders don't. And he knows how much power and responsiblity he holds. And he does his job. He strives to do what he can with the responsibility trusted on him. But, the muslim leaders. I just had to put a fullstop there. Just, fullstop. Because it is a fullstop. There is nothing beyond that. They took an oath, got sworn in as prime minister etc, and fullstop. Other than that, they just go on about the same old issues; corruption,bla bla bla. And more talking. Never taking action. Never taking their duties seriously. They think it's a job. Well I think it's more than just a job; it's a responsibility.

Rasulullah SAW said, "A leader's foot is in paradise, while the other foot is in hell." It means that a leader's responsiblity is so great that it can either make them really easy to enter jannah/paradise, or really easy to enter hell. If they are just and honest, then insya-allah paradise is the place for them. But on the other hand, if they are cruel, then insya-allah as well, hell is the place for them.

That is today's reality. It's rather painful for me to see this reality. For actually, all the success formulas are already packaged in Islam. And when muslims themselves ignored this formula and clung on to someone, who is not a muslim, but is an honest man, then they have ignored Islam as well. Can they..can we, then, still call ourselves..MUSLIMS..? Think about it.

p/s: my thoughts are entirely based on my current knowledge, and on the 'trueness' of my resources, mostly the news. Thus, if the facts the news broadcasted has been 'tampered' with, then I apologize for anything that I have said wrong and have hurt the feelings of many. It is so hard to know what is true and what is not, so I apologize again if had condemned some without facts. The only thing I trust now is Allah SWT, and His messenger. Yours sincerely, blog owner.

p/s 1: I wrote this before I watched Obama's speech at Cairo U on You Tube

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