Thursday, March 12, 2009

The why in me

In all my 19 years of life, I have always been searching the ‘why’ in me. Even now, I still am. When I look around me, I see people with their ‘whys’, their purposes. A teacher goes to school every morning to teach and share with his beloved students some of his knowledge. A policeman patrols around the city ensuring safety of the public. A hawker prepares his char koey teow to sell at the evening market.
Everybody has their whys. Even the cat behind my house meows because it’s hungry. But me? I don’t know.

Thankfully, my mother and father had set up a ‘why’ for me. If weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be on my way to study at IIUM main campus, Kuantan. I still don’t know whether pharmacy is the right thing for me, but hey, it is a good job, respected and gives good cash. (hehehe)
Well, here is my first official posting: babbling about the ‘why’ in me. Pray that I found my why the mean time, I guess I’ll keep on searching.


syark_kier said...

why did you ask y in you?? why don't you ask w,x or maybe z in you???

Ukhar said...

lorghh...'Y' pronounciation is similar to 'why'..

Using 'Y' to make more booombastic right?