Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Recent Sign of the Coming of Imam Mahdi a.s

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I decided to make this quick post because I feel it's a really important topic to share.

Harun Yahya is writing a new book which I hope will soon be available on bookshelves worldwide. He believes that the issue about the coming of Imam Mahdi a.s should not be kept quiet. On the contrary, he feels it should be constantly brought up, especially to public knowledge.

I, for one, agree. With the current Muslim community so big, and with more people embracing Islam in years to come (insya-Allah), the issue regarding the coming of Imam Mahdi a.s should be talked upon more.

Let's admit it. The world, the earth isn't going to last forever. It's dying. Everybody knows that. The ozone layer has holes, which is an old story by the way. Despite efforts to "patch up" the holes which is the visible destruction our actions have done(using air-cond, aerosols-that includes the mosquito and coacroach sprays,etc.), it seems like it's earth's future is still not guaranteed. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornados, virus, flu, brid flu, swine flu, influenza h1n1..the list goes on. Oh, let's not forget war, violence, injustice, crime and other bad things that are potential life takers.

Now, do we all agree that the end is coming whether we like it or not?

Right, the end. As muslims, our duty is to believe in the day of judgement. In fact, we are not considered fully muslims in terms of 'hukum agama' if we do not beleive there is a judement day (Hari Kiamat). There are many names of that day, mentioned in the Al-Quran. Al-Haaqqah, al-Qariah, ad-Deen, etc.

Although we do not really know when exactly it's going to happen, we are presented with the signs leading to it. One of the most well known signs is this : that Imam Mahdi a.s will appear amongst mankind, to lead muslims and to destroy the Dajjal.

And there are signs showing when Imam Mahdi is going to appear. Many signs are narrated in Rasulullah's (SAW) hadith. And according to Harun Yahya, they have been coming true for the past 30 years, and are still continuing.

The latest sign is this. A picture caught on an astronomic telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO)...

Image posted at on May 5, 2009

Look carefully. Do you see a hand reaching out towards the red mass of stars? I know there's only 4 fingers that are visible, but I think it definitely looks like a hand.

There's a hadith that goes like this :

Conlicts and disputes will persist until a hand appears from the sky and a
voice cries, "The Mahdi is your Amir".
The sign of that day : a hand will extent from the sky and people will look at it and see it. (Ahmad Ibnu Hajar
al-Makki(Haytami), Portents of the Anticipated Mahdi, Al-Kawl Al-Mukhtasar fi
Alamat Al-Mahdi Al-Muntazar, p53.)

The image is not yet released to the public, I think. Because I went to check at the NASA website, and there's no record of it yet. Usually it takes some time before new images are released (due to research reasons). Sometimes it may take up to a year, usually because researches need to examine the image first.

Anyhow, whether you want to believe it or not, it's entirely up to you.

I just feel responsible to share this with you.

For me, as muslims, whether any sign shows up or not, I still believe time is going to end, and Imam Mahdi will come.

Besides, we are going to die too, some day.

p/s : the image is clearer at
p/s/s: do you think it's a coincidence that now that technology is advancing so fast, we can even view distant, very far away stars, that suddenly "a hand in the sky" appears? Why not just show a "hand in the sky" as cloud formations? That way it still means "a hand in the sky", right? Hmm.. i think that if a cloud -like hand had appeared instead (as in the hadith), humans can easily dismiss it as something that occured by chance (maybe the wind feels like blowing clouds into a hand today, yesterday I saw a rabbit..) or something of the sort. But stars..their creations are things that amazes even the most intelligent people on earth. See, Allah has cleverly dismiss any chance of denial among humans. But..those who don't believe, will never believe. And those who believe, will believe even stronger.

Allah bersumpah di dalam Al-Quran bahawa sesungguhnya sumpahnya demi bintang adalah suatu sumpah yang besar (hebat), jika kita mengetahui.

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