Friday, April 3, 2009

Can't Stand the Heat!!

The last 2 days were really hot. The house was stuffy. Even when I opened my bedroom windows, thinking it would be better to let it cool with the natural breeze, it became even hotter! This means that outside was even hotter than inside the house. Phew! No wonder I kept feeling thirsty..and I thought I was having a fever. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Dad also complained about the heat.

At night, things were still the same. I checked the temperature that morning, and it was 30 `C! That night I looked again at our wall thermometer (yup, we have a 'wall thermometer'), and it only went down 2`C! Maybe it's because i live in the city.

Thakfully, this Asar it rained for a while. It felt like a blessing after days of excessive heat. Makes me think ; Ive only endured TWO DAYS of a little heat, what will it be like at 'Padang Mahsyar', where it is told that THE SUN IS JUST 'SEJENGKAL' FROM OUR HEAD. Hmm, my 'cute' fingers certainly wouldn't be of much distance. I hope my family, friends and anyone who has taught me things, even little things, and certainly me, will be under the shelter of Allah's Arasy, for there is no other shelter ON THAT DAY other than Allah's Arasy.

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