Monday, April 6, 2009

Chaotic Earth

We ARE REALLY LIVING IN THE END TIMES. Our prophet Muhammad SAW, and I'm sure other prophets and messengers before him have foretold humans that there will come a day, where everything is destroyed and humans will be judged for their deeds. Yeah, EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT. Or so they think. Or so we think. Because clearly what's going on in the world right now is no reflection that they believe will be a day of judgement.

Let's take a closer look at the current issues, shall we?...

No 1. Global Economic Crisis

If there is anybody on earth right now who have not heard of this..then he is either already really poor(so whether the economy plunges or not it simply has no effect on him) or simply because they don't care because it's not their business (like most of our teenagers..). Maybe after there's no more electricity and they can't access their favourite clips on You

Tube, no more internet or file downloading, maybe then they're going to ask, "Hey, yo, what's going on here? Where'd the power go?" And their parents would say, "Son, in case you haven't notice, we don't have that much money as we used to, so we need to let go of electricity once in a while." And then came the son's reply, "What, so you didn't pay the bills??" And I'll say, yeah bro, in case you haven't notice, THE WHOLE WORLD is in a recession, and I quote the reporters favourite line this month, "The worst economic slowdown since after the World War 2".

If you've been watching tv, you'll notice that unemployment rates are rising faster than you can say "Dato' Seri Najib". Everyone is really worried because unemployment means no income. When there's no income, people will resort to unhelathy measures to get income. By unhealthy, I'm referring to crime. Robbery,looting etc. In fact, someone went crazy in New York because he was concerned with his employment situation. Being a vietnamese living in America, his English wasn't so good, so people teased him. Angry at the situations, he went on a rampage and shot dead 13 people before shooting himself last Friday, at Birmingham.

The economic crisis is turning the world into chaos. Ironically, some people doesn't seem affected .

I don't mean to be negative on my own country but honestly, our teens act as if nothing happened. As if it doesn't concern them at all. You can see for yourself how ignorant Malaysian teens are. Especially Malays. I'm not playing racism here but of all people, they are the ones whom I see most often LOUNGING DOING NOTHING 'beneficial' at shopping complexes!! Yeah I'm mad. Im mad because they are throwing their lives away..away for nothing. What do you get exactly by "hanging out" with you buddies and pals? Hey, let's go watch a movie, or sing karaoke or just window shopping, or see the beautiful girls who have no shame letting us see their fleshy bodies? Like I said, we are the living in the end times.

No 2 Politics, politics, politics

I like this. Not really. Lately I really like to do flashbacks, look at the past. Because I see beautiful, quality LEADERSHIP in the past. But, that's the point. It's all in the past. NOW, however, I do not see any decent kind of leadership in the country. Because I don't know who to trust anymore. I used to like Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim. When he was sent to jail, to me, he was innocent. But I'm judging using my emotions only. Fair judgement cannot be determined only by the heart. The results would be disastrous. And I was still a small kid at the time, so I did'nt really know anything.After he was released some time ago, I looked forward as to what he will do next. Of course, many people assumed he was going into politics again, contest, win the people's hearts, become the people's voice.

However..yes..however, he didn't become the inspiration I thought he'd be. I thought he would have looked beyond, far beyond the political horizons. I thought he loved the people. He, being a muslim himself. I thought he was a true muslim leader. But, now I don't know anymore.

Malaysia's current political situation is in a whirlwind. Like the wind, it changes without warning. Nobody knows as to what will happen next. It seems that Malaysians truely knows the "power" that they hold in their hands, as voters. Good, really. Seems like the only good thing in all these muddly times.

Prophet Muhammad SAW always stressed on the characteristics of the end times. For example, what will the situation be like and what sort of people will live in those times. Among the most popular qualities were;

1. Frequent natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and most recently, global warming)
2. Lies / fitnah a norm

3. Unfit people become leaders

4. Crime uncurbed(robbery, rape, etc.)

5. War (World War 1, ww2, Iran-Iraq War, Unrest in Thailand, North Korea) is normal

Doesn't it frighten you that all of these things are happening RIGHT NOW?
If it hasn't happened already, it will happen tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow. Or the next day. And so on.

Fitnah IS EVERYWHERE. I dont' know who to trust anymore. One politician says, "I'm innocent." Then the accuser says, "No, you must believe me. He did it. He is guilty." So they are throwing the ball at each other. Thank goodness Malaysia still upholds democracy, otherwise we'd all be dead already due to their 'ball throwing'. Enemies could snuck pass our defenses while our 'leaders' bicker on who is right and who is wrong.

No 3 The world shouts, "I'm dying!"

Ok. Of course the earth can't shout like humans do. Or meaow like a cat when it's hungry. Or bark like a dog when he spots a thief. But everything has its own way of expressing himself. The earth uses her(?) 'body language'. She throws up large masses of lava though her 'volcanous' mountains. She 'rocks' the soil until it cracks, bringing down houses and buildings while she's at it. (Like a band bringing down the house with their rock music.) There's also the aftermath of her quakes, widely known as tsunami(japanese=big waves). She blows down towns and tears cities with hurricanes, tornadoes and storms. Humans also got splashed by the earth's tears of sadness until their homes were flooded. Humans termed the earth's dying message collectively as "natural disasters". What the earth is actually trying to say is,
"O humans! Beware, for I am dying. The end is near for all of us."

No 4 Muslims disunited

"Goaaalll!!" That's another goal from Christiano Ronaldo of Manchester United. The only unity that people, especially muslims seem to care about these days. Their fav soccer idol triumphs yet again while their own 'brother' is starving, naked and homeless on many other parts of the world. How can a person lives happily while his brother, his own brother is abandoned? These people should be put on trial for abusing human rights! Well, these brothers are brothers with blood ties. But of a more complex tie. And that is the tie of faith.

"And your iman(faith) is not the true iman until you love your brother more than you love yourself."

Prophet Muhammad SAW said that to muslims over 1400 years ago. Is it too old a saying in this modern age?

Yesterday, tv3 world news continues to report unrest from Pakistan, a muslim country. In last month alone, there were many attacks on the new government, which if I'm not mistaken is under a new women leaderhip. Among the worst attacks that were highlighted in the media were the murders committed by border patrols on army forces. It is reported that the border patrols were not satisfied with the low wages they received compared to the army personnel, when they are doing far more dangerous work. Pakistan borders Afghanistan, which has been in chaos since I was still small. So, the dissatisfied border patrols killed dozens of army personnel and hid their bodies. It was not long after the bodies were discovered. Following this incident was the quite recent attack on a police academy, last Monday. Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud claimed he was responsible for the attack, saying he did it as a retaliation for missile attacks by the US.

That is the story of Pakistan. What about Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other muslim countries?

(Sigh) We. Are clearly torn apart. That's why I like to read stories of leadership during the days of the Sahabah, Khulafa' Ar-Rasyidin. Back then so much values were portrayed. Muslims were really muslims.

And that is the summary of the current situation we live in. For now.

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