Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama and Change, So What of Us, Malaysia??

The United States Defence Department is cutting unnecessary cost as well as promoting new programmes which could result in more people losing their jobs. A bad situation, considering the economic slowdown.

Robert Gates, Defence Secretary of the US declared on Monday(yesterday) that, "The nation should stop pouring billions into futuristic, super-expensive F-22 jet fighters, pull the plug on new presidential helicopters and put the money into systems U.S. soldiers can use against actual foes".

Looks like Obama is really managing his finances well, given this latest revamp of the US defence deparment. He is cutting unnecessary cost like the purchase of new presidential helicopters and additional F-22 Raptor which btw costs $140 million(US D) apiece. Imagine what we could do with such a lot of money. If I had that much money, I'd build schools, raise new business companies, open new industries so that more job opportunities would be opened. Besides,
Rasulullah SAW said, "Business / trading consist of 9 out
of 10 doors of 'rezeki'."

Gates further said the US Defence would allocate more funding to more realistic and needed army sectors like outfitting special troops who could track down insurgents. Insurgents means 'kebangkitan' or in this case 'penentangan'. Does it also mean terrorist? Maybe. Maybe not.
Hope it doesn't.

Anyway, this is further proof that Obama is really executing change, which he constantly repeated before he was elected President. I would like to see this type of spirit, determination implemented into Malaysia's administration.

If Malaysia is to become a 'negara maju' by what, 2020 I think, Malaysians, the 'rakyat' namely, MUST THINK BIG. THINK OUT OF THE BOX. We are still very much behind in terms of "mind", thinking and perception compared with "superior" countries like Japan, the pride of the East, German, Switzerland, and many other European countries, and the US of course.

What is the problem here? The problem is that we are not one.

Like Dato' Seri Najib's idea or vision as the sixth PM of "One Malaysia". I have heard since I was what, a primary schooler, that Malaysia is a unique country, with its many races and culture. Tourists always say those phrases.

But in our ID (kad pengenalan), we are still stated according to what race we are. E.g, malay, india, cina, iban, bumiputera etc. Why not just put "Malaysian"? Just get rid of that old mindset of "I'm Malay and you're Chinese so we can't be friends 'cause we're different. I'm born here, in Tanah Melayu and you're ancestors were from China, so you're like second class 'cause you're not originally from here..." That's just an example, mind you.

Why not just put the past behind us and set a new future together? We always talked about racial harmony but how many of us actually practice it in real life? In Al-Quran it is stated that,
"We have created humans from a male and a female. And we created you from tribes so that you may know each other."

I don't know really well about other religions but surely they teach moral values to their followers. And what's a better morale than unity?

Let us become Malaysians. Stamp the word "I AM A MALAYSIAN" in our hearts in big,bold letters.(I would have it stamped on my forehead if I could...er...really??)

If anyone asks who you are, stand straight and proudly proclaim, "I'm a Malaysian." And start promoting Malaysia..."Do you know that there are great sales happening in Kuala Lumpur this month? I can take you to Sogo, they have the greatest bargains! And this year is also Tahun Melawat Negeri...and did you know..."


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