Friday, April 10, 2009

Simple but Nice Album - The Prophet's Hands

Alhamdulillah, I found this nice collection of English Islamic songs in an album titled "The Prophet's Hands". Actually I was looking for Sami Yusuf's songs, but I found this instead. It's a joint collaboration of reknowned artists namely, Dawud Wharnsby-Ali, Yusuf Islam, Shaam, Zain Bhikha, and others. I downloaded the songs from this website, for...f.r.e.e.

Thank you so much for the website owner for allowing me to listen to such great, soothing yet remindful songs about Allah and his Prophet.

Full Track List:
The People Of The Boxes
The Crazy Spots Ive Prayed
Remember Allah
Whisper Of Pease Reprise
Dont Talk About Muhammad (Wonderful Nasheed)
Afraid To Read

Try listening to these. They're wonderful reminders of Our Creator.

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