Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"Beware! The world will come to an end! One day..everything in this world..this entire universe..shall be detroyed! Doom is upon us humans! We are doomed...dooommed I tell you..!"

A filthy old man with his overgrown beard, tangled in a dark mass under his chin, this guy is no Santa Claus. Not that I believe in Santa Claus.

I always saw this kind of old man depicted in newspaper cartoons and in Western movies.

An old man, a beggar it seems, stands in the middle of a walkway, where bussinessmen are rushing by to go to important meetings and hundreds of other passer bys going to their destinations. The old man..holds a big sign saying, "Beware of the Doomsday o humans" or "The End is Near" or something of that sort. Beside him will be an old worn mug, for people who still have hearts to throw in some coins for the ragged man, amidst bustling of to their workplaces.

But, as expected, nobody sees him.

It's like he's not even there.

I'm not going to talk about the old man.

What I want to emphasize is his message.

The message that our prophet SAW constantly reminded his ummah of. And who is his "ummah"? Every living human that comes after him. With the condition that they believe in the existence of only One God, who created this universe and everything in it from nothing. They are the humans who can "claim" they are his ummah on this so-called doomsday..

I question the West or the users of English language, for that matter. My question is, why doomsday? Why use the word "doomsday"?

Will there really come this day, when all human races, from the time of Prophet Adam a.s until the very last person standing on this earthly soil, will be doomed?

I agree and I also disagree.

I agree. I believe that ONE DAY..A DAY when all humans will be gathered, together, to answer for everything, from the smallest grain of rice that he ate..until the very last word he utters before `Izrail a.s pulls his soul away from his body. I believe IT WILL COME, be it late or soon.

What I disagree..wholeheartedly, is the use of the term "doomsday". I hate it. Don't ever say that THE DAY is doomsday. I won't accept that. Because I believe..I BELIEVE THAT GOD IS AR-RAHMAN AR-RAHIM.

I believe..Allah will forgive humans..if we just shed our so-called "pride". Let us think for a moment. We are proud. Proud of what?

Well, I have a castle as big as a football field..I'm the CEO of the
world's richest company..I own a chain of hotels in 26 countries around the world..And I drive a Lamborghini to work. Oh, wait, I forgot. I don't have to work anymore cause I'm filthy rich.

Well, that's really something to be proud of. Oh, yes, definitely.

I bet you're also proud that because of your stinking rich assets, thousands, millions, billions of people are hungry.

What? Hungry? What, don't they have anything to eat back at their homes? I don't believe it! That's rubbish..

Oh wait. Let me paraphrase that. They're not hungy like when YOU ARE HUNGRY. THEY DIE FROM HUNGER. Millions are ALREADY DEAD, for your information. Do you know how painful that is? When death comes at you so slowly, that it pulls at you so slowly that you just wished you'd die RIGHT NOW? No, I bet that's just rubbish in your eyes. Now I understand where all that pride comes from. From taking away other people's lives. That's what you're proud of.

Thank goodness people like you ARE NOT GOD.

In fact, all the prophets have been saying the same message; there is only One God, and that is Allah SWT, the supreme creator, creating everything so easily that by only HIS WILL, the sun, the moon, the earth, the sky, the stars, the ever expanding galaxy just...POP OUT OF NOWHERE. If you can say pop.

Can you imagine it? No, we can't. Our minds can't grasp it. It's just too amazing to be put into words.

When Allah says, "Kun! Fayakun."(Become/Be! And so it becomes)

If I were to say to a chair,
"O chair, become the most handsome man in the world so that I can marry you (or something like that)"
What do you think is going to happen?

Well, first you start seeing many pairs of eyes fixed directly on you. And then you'll see their heads start to shake from side to side. Then their mouth says "Gile ke ape/Is she crazy or what?"

So, what is our will compared to the will of Allah? I had to say 16 words (count the o chair sentence), but still nothing happened..well, I'll become famous, that's for sure. But the chair remained a chair. If I said a thousand words even, the chair would still be a chair. Nothing more, nothing less. THAT IS THE "POWER" of my will. of a human's will.

Is there any "power" in it? No.

On the other hand, imagine just by His will, everything was suddenly there. All he had to say was "Kun!" And everything..EVERYTHING..big or small was created. All it takes is one word. His word. How powerful is that?

In the end, what is there to be proud of? Big cash? Classy cars? Big bungalows? Is that it, when the prophet also reminded us of D-day. When, everything will be destroyed, as if it was never there. When, in reality, you and I both know that we once lived here. Our house now. Our parents cars. Your pet fish. It was there. It was here. But, in the end, it's like it never happened.

So, what do we do? We work our b**t off to get a degree and now I'm saying it's all going to be dust?

Don't worry mates. As far as you're concerned, I'm working my b**t off too. But here's the catch. I'm also working my....body off for the future.


Mates, our future is not here. Not in Ad-dunia. It's way ahead. Just look. Look beyond this life...and see for yourself, the REAL LIFE that Allah is offering us. We don't have to die anymore. But we have to "taste" death first. But don't worry. Because Allah promised us, it's only once. And the bonus is Al-Jannah. Or you could opt to stay in another place..what's its name..oh yes..An-Naar a.k.a The Hellfire. I'm sure we've all heard of that. But, that is the extend of Allah's offer. Two only. So, what's it gonna be?

Don't you see? Allah grants us immortality. Just like the West always dreamed of in their Hollywood movies. They cook up potions, like in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone because they WANT to live forever.

Well, I think they are far behind because 1400 years ago..the prophet already told us about immortality. They really should learn from the prophet before making those movies. Then they'd realized that their concept is way outdated.

The road is tough, but nobody ever said life on earth was easy, especially not God. But, I believe in Him and His Messengers.

I believe that continuing to believe in Islam..in Al-Quran and Al-hadith..will..definitely qualify me, my family, friends, teachers and all muslims as rightful owners of the Jannah.

Believe..so you wouldn't be dreading about this "doomsday".

In fact, I promise you, Muhammand SAW promises us..Allah promises us that you'll be looking forward to it.

So, see you guys there, someday.

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