Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Recent News Mainland and Abroad


(yawn)..I feel like a lion resting in an African desert..his mighty jaws wide open due to the semi-sleepy state just after dawn.. He looks up..and a group of birds soar into the wide blue sky.

Guess what they say is right, "The early bird catches the worm". Guess they're just going to get they're worm then..(yawn)

That's right. I'm one sleepy lion. Cause this lion's on holiday...kekeke

It's been two months now, my holiday, that is. So, I've got at least another two months before I'll be on the go again.. yes sir..ry . I bet things will be real rough at Kuantan..

People always..always..always say..that you only appreciate things when they're gone. When I'm too busy even to take a nap, I'll complain that I done have enough holidays.

But..but..(shakes my head), when the hols finally DO come, what did I say?

Come on.. can anybody guess?? I'll treat you a cornetto! (hehehe)

Alright, time's up! No cornetto for you guys!..

Well, you know how teens are..whoops! We're not teens anymore.. I forgot. A lot of my friends are already celebrating their 20th birthday.

WOW. The big 2 0. That's 2 in front. Soon it'll be 3 in front..and 4...and 5...and..and..soon I'm going to hear, "Grandma Timi!!" (kekeke)

Yikes! Anyway..what was I going to talk about?

Right. When I really get the chance to stretch my legs, I found that there was nothing much to do. (sigh) And you know what? I wish the holidays are OVER so that I could start learning again. Ha ha..what is this, some kind of joke?'s just something called the "boredom symdrome". Yeah, it hits me ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, with all this bountiful time I've got, I've resulted to reading the newspapers regularly, well, almost. And lately I loved to watch live news, to catch up on what's going on in Malaysia as well as around the globe. In fact, I've practically read every page and column on the newspaper. In Malay you call it "khatam"..

Let me try to recall recent events...

Firstly, there's the recent and ongoing war in Sri Lanka. It looks like the government's military plan to destroy the LTTE(Liberation Tigers Tamil Eelam, i think) once and for all. International agencies are calling for a ceasefire so that the trapped civilians might get treatment. But, it seems they won't stop until LTTE's leader is either caught or killed. Tens of thousands of innocent people lost their homes and had to move due to the "war". I guess it's a civil war.

Our Indonesian counterpart are having their elections, giving a chance for new leadership to take over. So far, SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) is leading.

Back in Malaysia, a variety of events are taking place.

Does the word Penanti ring a bell?

Yes, the contoversial resignation of Mohamad Fairus Khairudin as DPM 1 has opened the road for ANOTHER by election, after the three previous ones we just had. The government is saying that it's a waste of people's money. PM also decided that BN will not contest IF a by election is held. On the other hand, some people are saying that BN are afraid they would lose again, just like in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau. The EC(Election Commission) is yet to decide whether to hold a by election or not.

We also seem to be having a 'series' of express bus crashes lately. The most recent involved a double-decker bus in which 6 were killed. After investigations, it was revealed that the driver had many summones and even arrest warrants, all for speeding. If I'm not mistaken, the co-driver also got summones for speeding as well.

Looks like Malaysia is not learning from past experience. "Pisang tidak berbuah dua kali", but Malaysians are certainly 'letting' bananas fruit more than once.

What else? Well, there's the ONE MALAYSIA concept. It's been pretty much highlighted by various streams of media. There are already songs on the TV about One Malaysia barely a week it was introduced by the PM, not to mention headlines in the newspapers. I bet talk shows will take on the idea next. Maybe in Hujah, every Tuesday night, tv9. (9.30pm)

Well, that's about it, besides the sports section. Rafael Nadal once again championed the tennis tournament he was in. King of Tennis then..and Roger Federer's in a bad time in his career right now, maybe that's why he decided to tie the knot recently! Yes, he got married recently, to whom, I'm not sure. Chelsea made a major comeback under new coachmanship, Guus Hiddink. (Though I prefer Liverpool). A pity Liverpool got bashed by Chelsea. As for Man U..well the Red Devils still have a chance of winning the Premier? League.. It's pretty unfair because their team is pretty invincible, with Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand, and of course Christiano ronaldo.. much for news..

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