Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth has a TWIN!

Earth has a twin? What ever could that mean??

Hold your horses, everybody, because the scientist have found a planet that is almost similar to our home planet. They say it is life-inhabitable. You know, because there are enormous protions of water and that the planet is neither too far away nor too near from the nearest star, so that the water is not too hot that it evaporates, and not too cold that it becomes ice. Conclusion, that planet's water is in liquid form.

Gliese 581e. That's what they're naming Earth's "twin". Not very catchy though (chuckels)

Gliese 581e is not in our solar system. In fact, it was very recently( i think it was yesterday, while we were sleeping) found to be 20 1/2 light years away from Earth. far.. Doesn't seem possible to visit it yet..unless you're superman..

You should go read this news report at Yahoo! -

It's really cool that scientists have found Earth-like planets. I wonder how big the universe really is..

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